Friday, May 8, 2009

My Three Moms

Sunday is Mother's Day. The other day I asked Billy if he thought Eisley knew Mother's Day was coming up. He said, "Oh, I'll be sure to talk to her about it. She probably forgot." Ha.

This is my first Mother's Day as a mom myself. I don't have any idea what kind of shenanigans Billy and Eisley will be up to to celebrate. But it will no doubt feel strange to be celebrated on Mother's Day. We did celebrate last year, since I was pregnant, but we kept it low-key. This year, my baby is here in the flesh. I received my very first Mother's Day card in the mail today-- it was from my aunt D in Texas. Thanks for thinking of me, D! I love you.

It'll be kind of strange to make the transition to be one of the ones celebrated on this special day, instead of just being one of the ones doing the celebrating. I've got lots of people to celebrate. There are many who have been like moms to me at different points in my life. And then there are my three moms (Does anyone remember that show "My Two Dads"? It's like that, but with moms. And there are three instead of two). Each of my moms is special and wonderful in her own way. They have all taught me so much, helped me grow, and have, most of all, loved me unconditionally and showed me how to love my own daughter. Thank you! I love you all! Happy Mother's Day. I wish I could be in Texas to celebrate you in person!

My mom, Jimmie Ann Floyd, with those she most adores-- her grandchildren

My stepmom, Debby Efurd, laughing a bit with Miss E

My mother-in-law, Diana Lawson, with her one & only grandchild

The first time I met my daughter. It was indeed a proud moment.

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