Monday, March 16, 2009

Past Few Weeks

Eisley has been dealing with ear infections off and on since February. It's miserable. She's miserable and we are tired-- so we are miserable, too. Here's a recap of our journey (so far):

February 2nd-- Eisley is sniffly and coughing, and generally not feeling well
February 3rd -- First visit to the doctor. Doc says it's just a cold, that the cough is just her trying to clear out the drainage caused by the cold. Nothing to worry too much about
February 4th -- Another visit to the doctor-- this time for the already scheduled 6 month check-up; She weighed 15 pounds and 10 ounces at this check up
February 13th -- Sniffles and cough still not gone. Third trip to the doctor this month. Cold has led to double ear infection
February 13th -- Begin prescription of amoxicillin
February 23rd (ish) -- Worst night Ever. Eisley is up all night, crying/screaming, tugging at her ears. Running fever, etc. This is also the last day she is on her antibiotic
February 24th -- 4th Visit to Doctor (3rd for ears). Ears have not gotten better. Amoxicillin was ineffective. Double ear infection still there!
February 24th-- Eisley gets a mega antibiotic shot-- rocefin, plus begins Round 2 of antibiotics -- this time she is put on Omnicef
February 26th -- Worst diaper rash I have ever seen in my whole life appears, as a result of this antibiotic; Doc calls in prescription diaper rash cream.
March 5th -- Eisley finishes up antibiotic, obviously feels better, back to her normal self, sleeping again at night; Mom & Dad are overJOYED!
March 5th-- To celebrate feeling better, Eisley crawls for the first time- she's SUPER fast and totally into EVERYTHING!!! On her first day of crawling, she went straight for the electrical outlets. She also pulled the baby gate down on herself (I told you she was fast)... TWICE!
March 6th-- Took Eisley to the doctor's office (5th time this month) for a recheck on her ears, to make sure she's back to healthy; We got a good report! Ears looked great. Whew.
March 6th -- My mom arrived in Kentucky for a visit
March 9th-- Eisley did not sleep well at night. Uh oh. This is the first sign that she's not feeling well. I hoped I was imagining things.
March 10th -- Mom's last day of visit; Eisley runs a fever AGAIN and starts tugging at her ears... AGAIN.
March 10th -- Grabbed last appointment of the day at Pediatrician's office (6th visit this month), after dropping my mom off at the airport; Ear infections are back!! Got prescription for 3rd antibiotic-- Augmenten. Preparing for a recurrence of the horrible diaper rash, etc.

As of now, Eisle seems to be feeling better. Her sniffles are gone, and we're hoping the ear infection are, too. We go back next week for another recheck of the ears.

I asked the doctor at what point we get to have the discussion about whether we do tubes or not. We're not having that conversation quite yet. Cold season is almost over, at which point she'd not likely get another ear infection. We're watching to see what happens.

In the meantime, I'm sure our health insurance is hating us right about now. Six visits to the doctor in 6 weeks, including 3 prescriptions and a shot... that's a lot of money!

Here are a couple of pictres of our sweet girl from last week. Isn't she cute?

Bathtime is fun

Playing with her favorite toy puppy (who she does not love as much as her real puppy, Riley)

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