Monday, March 23, 2009

A conversation

Yesterday I arrived at church and sat behind my friend, Joe* (name has been changed to protect his identity). Joe is in his 70s, and is a jovial, fun-loving grandpa kind of guy. Below is a snapshot of our awesome conversation from yesterday.

Joe: Kelly, you know, I went on YouTube the other day to look at that video of Eisley eating those avocados. That was real funny!

Me: Yeah, she didn't quite like those avocados. I'm glad we were able to capture it on video.

Joe: Well then I got to looking at other stuff on YouTube. You know. I just can't believe the stuff that's on there. I mean, I can type just about anything in there that I want and find something! I've found videos of music groups I haven't thought of in years. And guess what. I typed in "People falling down", and you wouldn't believe the videos that came up! I watched this guy falling out of a boat and another guy falling down the stairs! I just laughed and laughed.

Me: Yeah, you can find just about anything on YouTube.

Joe: Kelly, I usually go to bed at 9:30 every night. The other night I was on YouTube just looking up stuff and all of a sudden I realized it was midnight! The whole house had been shut down and the lights were off, and everyone went to bed without me! I hadn't even noticed!

Me: Joe! You got sucked into the black hole that is YouTube! Watch out!

Joe: The internet would be a great thing without all of that bad stuff that's out there. You have to be REAL careful with what you type. Someone told me the other day they were looking up something about the White House and a pornographic site came up!!!

Me: Yeah, Joe, you have to be sure to type whitehouse.GOV and NOT anything else. It can get risky.

So I told Joe some of my favorite YouTube classics to check out next time he was on. This conversation was a real bright spot to my morning. I wish that somehow I could convey tone and inflection a little better. If I could, I know you would for sure be laughing as hysterically as I do everytime I think about my conversation with Joe.

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kandice said...

haha, that's awesome... love "joe"! but... i AM a little disappointed that you haven't trained your child to like avacados...come on, when you come back to texas, she's going to have to LOVE guac, or... she might not be allowed to come! :)