Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Month 4: The Highlights

Eisley is now 5 months old! I can't believe it! Here are some of my favorite pictures from Eisley's 4th month of life. I feel silly doing this now since we are now halfway through month 5-- I meant to do this sooner but never got around to it.

* Special note: Many of these photos are from Christmas. It was such a joy to get to introduce Eisley to all of her family. Do not take it personally if you are not in any of the photos below! I wish I could have included all of them. To see all of our pictures from our Christmas trip, please go to my picasa page. You can get there by clicking here.

I just think this is a sweet picture:

I like this one because it shows her great big smile. She really is a happy baby:

This one is just funny. She received a Little People Nativity set from some friends at church. The first thing she did? Shove the baby Jesus in her mouth. Her Grandmom captioned this photo "Taste & See That the Lord is Good (Psalm 34:8)" I like it:

I like this one because it reminds me of the joy of celebrating our first Christmas with our daughter and thinking about what traditions will be ours from year to year. I enjoyed decorating the Christmas tree and letting Eisley sit beneath it in the mornings during the Christmas season:

I love how happy she was sitting out in the snow here:

I like this one because she went through a stage where she LOVED her tongue. She was constantly sticking it out. She was so entertained by it:

This is a special one for me. Over Christmas, we got to introduce our Sandra Eisley to her namesake, my grandmother, Sandra Efurd. I love how happy the both of them are here. This was within the first 2 minutes of the two of them meeting:

This is one of my favorites because she looks somewhat mischievous:

It was really fun for us to get to introduce Eisley to her cousins:

(With Kayla, Logan, & their Mimi)

(With Allie Grace)

This cracks me up. Eisley was mesmerized by baby Maggie's bow on Christmas Day. She finally got a hold of it:

Adorable Little Santa Baby:

And finally, I just love this picture. She was having so much fun reading the paper with her Granddaddy this particular morning. And I have a feeling her Granddaddy was quite delighted, too!


Neener said...

I love these highlight photos! For some reason, Eisley looks so serious to me in a lot of her pictures. But these pictures totally show me a different side of her! I definitely think she's a baby I could chill with. And I love Grandmom's captioning. :)

jason said...

Kelly - these pictures are TREMENDOUS. I am not less of a man when I say that they are absolutely heartwarming. I love the one of Eisley in the snow and the "mischievous" Eisley with the presents. My favorite is biting baby Jesus.

Very nice! thanks for posting them.

Sarah said...

I just saw the "winner" on the SFM blog and thought it was a baby model for a photography contest- didn't even realize it was YOUR beautiful girl! She has a great smile. Well done!

David Goran said...

So cute - she is going to be so big when we finally get around to seeing her again. It sounds like you guys had a great Christmas and your snow looks so much better than ours. I'm a little jealous!