Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Image

This begins a new segment called "The Friday Image". Yes, I'm hurting for blog ideas. But actually, there are some friends of mine in China that do a Tuesday Morning Image on their blog and it's one of the highlights of my week. So maybe it could be fun.

To get this thing started, here are some pictures taken from my phone this morning of what the road looked like on my way in to work. The roads were finally clear enough for me to make the trek, for the first time since Monday. The drive was both beautiful and scary. As you have probably heard, Kentucky is under a bit of snow and ice this week. The kids here have been out of school every day this week, and there are 1 million Kentucky homes and businesses without power. President Obama declared Kentucky and Arkansas federal disaster areas yesterday. We are fine-- we have power and phones and cable and internet-- many of our friends are without these luxuries and have been for days. The weekend should offer some relief, with Sunday's high expected to hit 51 degrees. Monday, however, the temperatures drop again and the snow returns. Fortunately, no ice is expected to accompany the snow.


Here is a picture of the beautiful, snow-covered Kentucky countryside:

And here is a photo of the road in front of me-- the trees are weighed down by ice, and there are trees down all over Kentucky.

Disclaimer: For all of you who are worried about the fact that I was taking pictures while driving, and putting myself in danger-- have no fear. I made very sure to take these photos when there were no other cars around, I slowed way down to take the pictures, took them very quickly, and then put the phone away.


jeremiah said...

insert validation for cool blog idea here ---> __________

"i will attack you with the north"

Neener said...

I was wondering how you took that pic this morning! I'm glad it was done safely! :) I'm intrigued by your Foto Fun Friday and may, in fact, join in sometime. On a Friday, of course.

Twelve Two Times said...

Great photos!! That's a ton more snow than we have even gotten in the frozen north of Harbin.