Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The tree is finally up!

Well... FINALLY, on December 8th, our Christmas tree is finally up & decorated. This is WAY late for me... usually, my tree goes up the weekend after Thanksgiving. I've been known to put up my tree ON Thanksgiving day before. But this year was hectic, and by the time we finally got to Lowe's to pick out the perfect tree, it was December 1st. We got it loaded up and brought home, and here's a picture of Eisley scoping it out (this is before we undid the netting around it, so that's why it is oddly shaped):

Well... we didn't decorate it right away, and after about 2 days of having it in our home, we figured out that not only was Billy allergic to it (he was just going to put up with it), but we began to suspect that Eisley was allergic to it, too. I asked her doctor if that would be possible, and she said that it is pretty unlikely that she would be showing an allergy at this early an age, so maybe she was just getting a cold. Whether it was a cold or an allergy, we decided to get rid of the tree just in case. Plus, it's not REALLY fair to have Billy miserable in his own home through the Christmas season. So out went the tree. I was really sad about it because I love real Christmas trees, and I wondered how long it would be before we acquired a replacement. I didn't know that we would.

Finally, on Sunday night, we went out to get a replacement. We ended up getting a sad little 6 and a half foot tree, that is pretty sparse. But I have really grown to love it. It just seemed so silly to pay a lot of money for a fancy fake tree so close to Christmas. So we paid $35 for our tree, and intend to go look for a better tree after Christmas when the trees will probably be on sale. But maybe not. Like I said, I like my little tree. We have a pretty small house (that has been taken over by baby stuff!), so it really is the perfect size for us.

Here are a couple of pictures from our tree-trimming festivities last night-

Here is Eisley helping hang the ornaments (and by hang, I mean "eat"):

Though she looks slightly angry in this photo, she was actually laughing:

Here it is all done, complete with Eisley's Little People Nativity underneath:

And finally... here is my precious Eisley this morning, relaxing under the tree-- she is the best gift we have received in 2008:

When do you all take down your trees? We got ours up way later than usual, but I suppose we will take it down around the same time we always do. I like to leave mine up at least through Epiphany (January 6).

You may have noticed that there is a new poll posted on my page-- do you have a real tree? Do you have a Fake one? Do you not have a tree at all? Be sure to vote! I need to know how many people's real trees to be envious of. Ha.


R.S. said...

We actually had visitors our first Christmas in Borger who were allergic to our tree. Our solution was to have it on the front porch that year! I think we could make this work again with a little improvisation. Especially if we could work closely with UPS drops.

Eisley is beautiful.

Ingram Gang said...

I go for fake, pre-lit. We had real tree's growing up and I never liked all the pine needles it left all over the floor as it started to dry out. But they do smell fantastic. I think your little tree is full of character :)

Shannon said...

I voted that I have a real tree...thanks to you! So sorry your family was allergic, but I LOVE the tree you gave us!

Kandice said...

I'm a real tree girl too! I never got to have one growing up because my mom was allergic, so the one year we tried, it ended up being firewood instead... Now that I'm on my own, I've had a real tree for the past 3 years and I LOVE it! The whole thing- picking it out, dragging it to the car, strapping it ontop of the jeep..and watering it every other day. I'll give my tree a little love for you since you can't have one! But your tree looks great, and I hope you enjoy it!

Kandice said...

ps- i voted twice for the real tree :)

Jana said...

Cute pics.

Martha said...

Annie would like to know how Riley is doing.