Friday, November 28, 2008

The Highlight Reel

On Monday, our Eisley will be 4 months old. I am not quite sure why time seems to zoom by now that Eisley has arrived, but it does. Oddly, it seems like ages ago that we were headed to the hospital to have her. Maybe it's because it is hard to remember what life was like without her. Yet, each day she changes and grows. So it also seems somehow that time is zooming by. I have already filled a box of clothes that she no longer fits into, and moved them to the attic, to be used again if someday we have another daughter. It was 2 days after Thanksgiving last year that we found out we were expecting her. Little did we know just how wonderful she would be.

Here are some of my favorite photos from this past month with Eisley:


This is the day we got the Bumbo. Doesn't she look so cute in it?


I love this one because I love that little hoodie on her and her tennis shoes.


This is the day we went to Build-A-Bear to make a special friend for Eisley. Here they are together.


We named Eisley's friend Lexi. We chose the name Lexi, because Eisley was born in Lexington, and we wanted to do something to remember our time here in Kentucky. Here they are at home.

I love this smile.

I think she looks so beautiful here.

I like this one because there has always been something irresistible to me about Billy's eyes. He'll peer at me from behind a book or a magazine or a pillow, and all I can see are his eyes. It melts my heart. Eisley has Billy's eyes and I love them! So I love this picture because all I can see are her eyes.

I love storytime with Eisley. She is now really interested in her books and likes to touch the pages. This particular night, we snuggled together and just kept reading. We read 4 books that night.

I love the face she is making here!


Stephen and Nicole Martin said...

Oh honey - I can't believe that she is already 4 months old!! I cried when I put away Elijah's 0-3 month clothes and then AGAIN when I had to give some of them away ;) Amazing the attachment we have with these little people, huh?? What a great job you two are doing....:) :)

Angela said...

Love the pics of Eisley! She is a doll and growing so fast already. So sad and great all at the same time!

Kandice said...

she looks so...inquisitive... :) i love it. i don't see a "i heart mullets" outfit anywhere in those favorites, but still... i guess she's pretty cute. :)

Laurie J. said...

Oh, she's just so CUTE and you guys look like you are enjoying her sweet baby-ness so much! :-) It's the best, isn't it???
Thanks for sharing all the neat pics!

KellyLawson22 said...

Oh, Kandice. I've got ol' Snake Eyes' Mullet shirt just waiting to be worn... as soon as she grows in to it! Can't wait to put it on her!

Sara said...

thanks Kelly :) you really encourage me! the peace of God is funny like that though...even when everything around us is chaotic and circumstances prove otherwise, we can still have inner peace in our hearts! praying for His peace to overwhelm you right now, and for your family, your classes, and your ministry!!! God bless girl <3

Kandice said...

why the heck do you have a fake, charlie brown tree? not that that's not charming... just curious...

KellyLawson22 said...

Kandice-- we have a fake tree because Billy and Eisley are allergic to real ones. STINK! And we aren't able to spend a lot of money on a nice fake one-- but we are going to look for a nice one on sale after Christmas, to use next year! This year, our $35 one will just have to do!