Friday, October 31, 2008


Just a follow-up post to the previous one, regarding Eisley's hip.

Eisley's ultrasound on Wednesday went very well. It's a fairly lengthy process (at least for a 3 month old!) because they have to take images from just about every angle possible-- of both hips. Even though the left one is the one with the potential issues, they have to have images of the right one in order to have something to compare the left hip to. Anyway, it took about 35 minutes to get the images they needed. And Eisley was a perfect angel! She didn't fuss or cry, and even smiled a bit at the ultrasound technician, and talked to her, too. I was very proud of her!

Anyway, the images looked great! Both hips have made a lot of improvement since her last ultrasound, and her doctors at Shriner's were very pleased with what they saw. They want to see her again when she is 8 months old to see how she has continued to progress. Until then... Eisley gets to just be Eisley and we don't have any cause for continued concern.

We are thrilled with the news!

Thanks for your prayers.


Ingram Gang said...

Yea! I know you must be so relieved. Thanks for sharing your great news.

Angela said...

Yea for Eisley! We are thrilled with you!!

R.S. said...

good news guys. Did Eisley enjoy that Tech game?


Nina said...

Every time I read this post, I think of the very beginning of Weezer's "Island in the Sun." Hip hip!

Anonymous said...

awesome. yay God.