Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eisley's Hip Update

We are praising God today for many things-- especially for the news we received yesterday regarding Eisley's hip! Here's the scoop:

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our little girl and her hip. Yesterday was a very big day for us, so I wanted to pass this update along to all of you. Yesterday, we went and had an ultrasound done on Eisley's hip—she was a perfect angel throughout the whole process! She just laid there and cooperated perfectly—without making a peep!

We then met with Dr. Walker at Shriner’s Hospital, who read her ultrasound report and examined Eisley again. She said that it appears that Eisley’s hip has begun to heal normally and that the pelvic bone has begun to cup around the femur bone like it is supposed to!! She said that no action is needed right now—and that it should continue to heal. Today she was looking to see if at least 50% of the femur bone was being covered by the pelvic bone. And it was! However, it is still a little shallow, so we are scheduled to do another ultrasound in 2 months to make sure it has continued to cup around the bone. So… no harness or brace is needed now. We can proceed with Eisley as though everything is normal. The only adjustment in our day-to-day routine that we have to make is that we can no longer swaddle her with her legs out straight-- kind of a bummer because newborns like to be swaddled! But the doctors want to give her as great a chance as possible for the hip to continue to heal, and it just isn't good for her legs to be out straight for extended periods of time. Other than that, everything stays the same.

Please continue to pray—we are so grateful to each of you. We are praising God today for this good news, for our daughter, and for each of you who have joined with us in prayer.


Jennifer Martin Kirby said...

Praise the Lord! I am so glad for your great news! Will continue to pray for you all and am still so happy for you and your new little family :)


nonprofitprophet said...

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~npp

Ingram Gang said...

How Great!

Anonymous said...

Hip, Hip, Hooray!

Janey Mc

Anonymous said...

Sweet News! awesome report, can't wait to hear how much better she is, 2 months from now.

How do you swaddle her, now that you aren't allowed to have her legs out straight. I can't picture what it is you're supposed to do. (you might need to post a photo of the newly swaddled Eisley)?


Angela said...

whoot whoot!

kandice said...

i knew that snake eyes was a fighter! :) yay! congrats!!! give her some RHIGS love for me!

KellyLawson22 said...

RHIGS forever!!!!! Ha!!

Anonymous said...

Yea, Kelly! So awesome!!! Praise God!