Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Eisley's Hip Update

We are praising God today for many things-- especially for the news we received yesterday regarding Eisley's hip! Here's the scoop:

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of our little girl and her hip. Yesterday was a very big day for us, so I wanted to pass this update along to all of you. Yesterday, we went and had an ultrasound done on Eisley's hip—she was a perfect angel throughout the whole process! She just laid there and cooperated perfectly—without making a peep!

We then met with Dr. Walker at Shriner’s Hospital, who read her ultrasound report and examined Eisley again. She said that it appears that Eisley’s hip has begun to heal normally and that the pelvic bone has begun to cup around the femur bone like it is supposed to!! She said that no action is needed right now—and that it should continue to heal. Today she was looking to see if at least 50% of the femur bone was being covered by the pelvic bone. And it was! However, it is still a little shallow, so we are scheduled to do another ultrasound in 2 months to make sure it has continued to cup around the bone. So… no harness or brace is needed now. We can proceed with Eisley as though everything is normal. The only adjustment in our day-to-day routine that we have to make is that we can no longer swaddle her with her legs out straight-- kind of a bummer because newborns like to be swaddled! But the doctors want to give her as great a chance as possible for the hip to continue to heal, and it just isn't good for her legs to be out straight for extended periods of time. Other than that, everything stays the same.

Please continue to pray—we are so grateful to each of you. We are praising God today for this good news, for our daughter, and for each of you who have joined with us in prayer.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hip to Be Cool

First of all, is that not the cutest face ever?! That's my daughter. I am so proud to be her mom. She's fabulous. Each day, I fall more and more in love with her and I can't believe that God has entrusted her to our care. She's wonderful.

Now for an Eisley update. It's hard to keep everyone informed, and it's hard to keep track of who knows what. You will probably remember that Eisley was born via c-section because she was breeched. It is very common for breeched babies, particularly girls, to have hip issues. While we were in the hospital, her pediatrician determined that her left hip was in fact, loose. Her doctor was able to hear it clicking as he moved her legs around, and could tell that her hip plate was not properly in line with the ball that the plate is supposed to cup around, as she continues to develop. If it were to not be treated while she is still young and developing, she would have some pretty major hip issues throughout her life.

Eisley's pediatrician referred us to Shriner's Hospital in Lexington, to see a specialist there. As I said, this is fairly common issue in breeched babies, and is absolutely correctable. Everyone has reassured us of that all along. However, they wanted us to go to Shriner's right away, so that we could begin correcting the issue as soon as possible.

This morning we had our appointment at Shriner's. We got acquainted with how things work at Shriner's, and we were very impressed with everyone we met there, including Eisley's doctor, Dr. Walker. Both the Physician's Assistant and Dr. Walker did an examination of Eisley and tried to get her hip joint to pop in and out of place, like her pediatrician had been able to do when she was born. However, neither one of them was able to actually make her hip pop/click—- which means one of two things:

Over the course of the past 2 weeks since her birth, Eisley’s hip has stabilized on its own and there is no longer a problem...


her hip has been moved completely out of place, and the reason they were unable to pop it in and out, is because it is already out of place.

So. We basically got no new information today, which was a slightly disappointing. We go to Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington on Tuesday afternoon (the 19th of August) for the ultrasound and then back to Shriner’s that afternoon to meet with Dr. Walker again to see what she thinks about Eisley’s hip based on the ultrasound. If she does in fact have hip displacia (where her hip is not properly aligned), then Eisley will be fitted for a harness that she will wear in order to hold her hip plate in place, until the joint forms properly. She could wear this harness anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months or longer, depending on the kind of progress she makes. This is a harness she would wear around the clock-- not something we can take on and off. This would no doubt mean a readjustment in some of our day to day things-- dressing her, changing diapers, etc.

We know that everything will work out just fine. But of course I have had some very emotional moments! As her mom, I don't want anything to be wrong with our little girl. But we feel great about the treatment she will receive, and know that in the long run, a few inconveniences now will mean a happier and healthier future for Eisley. We know of several people who have dealt with this same exact thing, and everything has worked out great for them. We don't have any reason to believe we will be any different!

Please keep us in your prayers-- we have been praying for healing for her, and would not at all be surprised if we went to her ultrasound and were told that nothing is wrong with her hip. But we know that may not be the case, and we will just continue in the journey, one day at a time.

Blessings, all. We will let you know what we find out on Tuesday.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Communication Overkill

Over the course of the past few days, I've had conversations with our friend Jeremiah and others about the fact that there is an insane number of ways to communicate with people-- social networking websites, text messaging, blogs, phone calls, emails, etc. It's a bit much to keep up with! I've sent out emails about Eisley's arrival, I've posted photo albums on facebook, and we've sent pictures via camera phone to some. And birth announcements will be sent out in a few days via snail mail, too!

But in CASE there are some of you out there who read this blog, that I have somehow missed through one of these other forms of communication, I've posted some pictures of our little family below, taken yesterday by our fantastically talented friend Carissa.

Our first 2 days of parenthood have been great. We are in awe of our precious little girl and though I really didn't think it was possible, it seems she keeps getting cuter and cuter! We love her little face, and I think my favorite time of the day so far happens post-feeding. Billy takes her then and props her little body up to burp her... and she makes the funniest faces because she's incredibly put out that someone keeps patting her on her back. And she looks so SMALL in Billy's great big hands. It's precious.

Yes, I know we are biased. But we have a REALLY cute kid! Don't you agree?

Friday, August 1, 2008

She's here!

And she's awesome!!

Announcing Sandra Eisley Lawson's arrival into this big beautiful world! She was born today at 8:05 a.m., weighing 6 pounds and 15 ounces. She is 20 and 3/4 inches long... and every last bit of her is magnificent! She arrived via c-section this morning and all went smoothly! It was kind of a weird experience, as I was awake the whole time-- but I'm feeling great and couldn't have been more pleased with the whole process.

Here are a few quick snapshots from this morning, after she first arrived. There have been MANY more photos taken since then, and we'll get them uploaded as soon as possible.

She's already had several visitors today! The Martins were the first to wish Eisley a happy birthday-- and were gracious to bring Billy a yummy lunch. And then the Ajas & The Beasley Browns came-- complete with birthday cupcakes and candles to celebrate Eisley's very first birth-day party!

We are so blessed... soon all of the family will arrive from Texas, and we are thrilled to show her off!

We just met with her pediatrician, and he was fabulous-- said he has no concerns about our little one and that she looks just GREAT! She is a VERY alert baby-- and has been wide awake pretty much all day, with the exception of about 2 hours.

More later. I am going to try to squeeze in a short nap while Eisley is sleeping... for now!