Monday, July 7, 2008

Update on Life

Um...the creative juices are not flowing these days. I've really got nothing interesting to blog about. So I guess I'll give you guys back home a regular ol' update on the Lawsons.

Of course the big thing for us right now is the baby. We're one month and 1 day away (but who is counting?) from the due date. And folks, we know that August 8th is the latest possible date she'll arrive. Because of my gestational diabetes, my doctor won't let me go even one day past the due date (potential complications become a big factor in ges. diabetes patients once you hit the 40 week mark), so yes-- 1 month and 1 day at MOST is how much longer we have before our baby girl enters the world. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I think about it. Please pray that she comes on her own before then-- a non-induced labor is generally a lot better than an induced labor. Either way, I know everything will be fine! I'd just rather her come on her own than to have to force her out!

So yes. One month away and we're both getting very anxious. And kind of tired of waiting! Many of our good friends have their babies now, and we're one of the very few couples we know that are still waiting. We babysat our little friend Evelyn last night (who is an adorable 10 week old) and Billy kept wanting to try out all of our baby stuff on Evelyn-- he put her in our swing, wanted to get out the boppy, and was certain that she needed to test out the plethora of other baby goodies that have overtaken our house. Billy LOVES all of the baby things we've accumulated and is excited to put them to use!

This week we painted the nursery (a beautiful shade of green) and tomorrow the crib and dresser arrive-- I can't wait! Because once THAT is in place, we can REALLY start putting her room together-- the bedding can go on the crib and things can be hung on the wall. And then you'll probably find me standing at the door of the room for hours on end, dreaming about its newest little occupant.

Here's a picture of the furniture we settled on. Obviously, this not what our nursery will look like (I wish!), but once we get the furniture set up in our house, I'll post pictures.

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Texas-- and I mean, it was a whirlwind! I think we were actually on the road to and from Texas for a longer amount of time than we were actually IN the Lone Star State, but it was a good trip nonetheless-- it was great to see so many of you (though the visits with everyone were FAR too short. Yuck. I hate that). I got to attend my Uncle Steve's surprise 50th birthday party and see the Efurd clan in Tyler on Friday when we arrived. I got to spend Friday night hanging out with my mom and sister... while Billy, unfortunately, was knocked out by an awful stomach flu he contracted on Day 2 of our trip (That made for a fun drive). We were blessed with a WONDERFUL baby shower in Dallas on Saturday morning (great fun with so many people I love all in one place!) and a great family lunch after the shower with a lot of the Collins clan. We got to go to our friend Heather's wedding on Saturday night and dine at the reception with some wonderful old friends of ours. Sunday we got to attend Sunday School and church at our home church, which was too wonderful for words. For lunch, we got to see Jacob & Kristin and meet their brand new son, Henry. He's an absolute cutie. We spent Sunday afternoon with my brother, sister-in-law, and our fabulous niece and nephew. There's nothing sweeter than hearing 3 year-old Kayla say, "Aunt Kelly? I love you!" Billy picked up his new kayak, and Sunday night we hung with my dad and stepmom. Monday we stopped at the Efurd peach farm for a while, and had Pittsburg Hot Links for lunch (our favorite Texas treat). We stopped in Mt. Pleasant and hung out with my grandmother and sister for a couple of hours before hitting the road to Memphis (kayak on top of the car!) and then on to Kentucky on Tuesday. So much fun.

It sure was a bummer for us to have had so much fun in Texas and have to go straight to work on Wednesday! It's a good thing I actually like my job. Otherwise, it would have been torture.

While we were gone, our Riley-girl stayed with the Martins and hung out with her friend Bobby. Bobby and Riley are big buds and love each other quite a bit. I just have to share this beautiful picture that Carissa took of the dogs:

Aren't they cute?

As you know, this Friday was the 4th of July. We woke up to a heavy downpour of rain-- MAJOR bummer. But it turned out to be a great day after all. The rain meant that we would not be attending the Wilmore Parade (major bummer because this parade and the festivities that follow are my favorite things about Wilmore, KY). But the day turned out to be just splendid! We have such a wonderful family of friends here in Wilmore-- we spent the day with some of those friends. We had breakfast together, saw WALL-E (a GREAT movie!), went to a party/cookout, shot fireworks, and Billy got a lesson in how to use our sewing machine. And somewhere in there, I squeezed in a 2 hour nap. So the rain was a disappointment, but the day certainly wasn't.

I noticed a few days ago how many diabetes commercials there are on TV. I never noticed these commercials until I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Seriously. It's absurd. It seems that every other commercial on TV is for a blood glucose meter or other testing supplies or a once-daily pill that can help you manage your diabetes. There's the commercial about juvenile diabetes and how the One Touch Ultra Mini helps these kids have normal lives. And then there's the talking glucose meter. And of course there's the Liberty Medical Commercials. Out of control, people.

I've now gotten tot he "rambling" point in this post, so I'll go ahead and wrap it up. If someday I think of something profound to say, I'll be sure to let you know. Otherwise, check back for baby updates and pictures (soon to come!) of the nursery.



nonprofitprophet said...

my eyes hurt. ~npp

Scott Martin said...

Go Eisley Go! Keep growing!

You have some pretty cool security thang.

Angela Forbes said...

Hang in there Kelly! This will probably be a torturous month...spent waiting. But, maybe she'll come in just a few short weeks!! Woohoo!!
I know we're having our third, and we're only halfway into our pregnancy...but we are still waiting with you for our new baby too. Just to remind you that you're not completely alone. :) Love ya!