Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Billy for President

I like Billy. Billy and I have known each other for more than 8 years now. We have been married for 4 and a half of those years. Sometimes I have trouble remembering life before Billy. Other times, it feels like I'm still getting to know him, and I wonder if I'll ever figure him out. He's pretty fabulous, you know.

This week is our last week of life as just the two of us. On Friday, there will be 3 in our little family. 4 if you count Riley the dog. Yes, let's say 4. Riley is a very important part of our lives and we are both possibly too much in love with our sweet dog. I mean, how could you NOT love this sweet face?

Back to Billy. This week, we've tried to have a little fun and relax and spend time together before our lives are forever changed. "Date week" has been very fun. Here are some things I like most about my husband. We'll start with the obvious:

He is hilarious
. I have to admit, that sometimes his "hilarity" is the thing that makes me insane. Much of the time, I don't get his jokes. Or I think they are ill-timed or just plain inappropriate. But I can't help but laugh on the inside anyway. I may roll my eyes about Billy's humor in the presence of our friends. But really? Without Billy's indescribable humor, he just wouldn't be Billy. He's VERY funny. And one of a kind. I quite honestly can't think of another person that has the same sense of humor as Billy. Or even close. I'm glad Billy is one of a kind.

He doesn't check his email... ever. I check my email obsessively. In fact, since I've been writing this particular post, I've checked my inbox a couple of times already. Billy checked HIS email last night (he had 72 messages in his inbox), which means he probably won't check it again for another couple of weeks. And when he checks his email, he doesn't usually even reply to the messages. That used to drive me crazy. But now, it's just a funny little thing I like about Billy. He doesn't keep up with his facebook, he only text messages people when they text him first. And he isn't at all interested in my new obsession-- Twitter. Billy instead prefers to have real conversations with people and prefers phone conversations to text messaging. This is a very good thing, and I appreciate that about him.

He's a great housemate! He cleans the house-- and not only is he very good at it, but he actually enjoys it. Usually, in the mornings before he goes to work, he likes to get at least one chore done. In fact, he could probably sleep 30 minutes longer every morning if he wanted to-- but he sticks to this schedule so that he has time to work in at least one household chore. I REALLY appreciate this, because I'm SO not a good housekeeper. I create more messes than I should, and though Billy sometimes complains about that, he just keeps on cleaning up after me anyway.

He's SUPER excited about becoming a dad. He's been beside himself with excitement for weeks/months now. It's delightful to watch him get so excited about the baby stuff. He had a great time putting together the baby furniture-- he finished that little project around 11:30 one night. And when he found out that I'd be putting the baby bedding on the crib that night, he refused to go to bed. He wanted to stay up and help me with it because he couldn't wait until the morning to see what it would look like. He can't wait to meet our little girl and find out what she will look like.

He's incredibly patient. Sure, he has his impatient, cranky moments. But seriously. He deserves an award for living with me. I never put things back where they belong-- at least not right away. I hardly ever know where my keys are. I forget to tell him things all of the time-- like, the fact that people are coming over for dinner or that I've made plans for us to go out with friends. I'm ridiculous. Billy is GREAT at just going with the flow!

He asks good questions. I can't really explain what that means. But he just asks good questions-- about political matters, theological issues, environmental issues, you name it. Things I would never think of asking. And they're always questions I can't answer. Which drives me crazy because he always wants to talk through them, and when I get to a point where I have no more answers, I want to end the conversation. Billy doesn't do that. He keeps wanting to talk about them, and though it's frustrating at the time, it's actually pretty darn good for me.

He often exclaims, "Oh, honey. I love you so much!" -- Yes. It's nice to hear that I am loved. And there's never a day when we don't say "I love you" to one another. But when Billy makes this particular exclamation, it's because he's just discovered to himself a new reason to love me. As though he's been reminded that life with me isn't boring, and I know that at that moment, he thinks I'm pretty fabulous.

Those are just a few of my favorite things about Billy. There are certainly more. But right now, I need to get back to work. It's my last day in the office for six whole weeks. I should probably try to accomplish a thing or two.



Sara said...

its so funny to me that i am so much like Billy, and you are just like my hubby Paul, haha...he couldn't find his keys most days even if they were attached to his forehead! loved this post :) i know you are sooo excited about baby Eisley!!! maybe i'll get to meet her soon since i'm coming back to Asbury in January while Paul is gone to Iraq...take care girl, can't wait to see pictures of her! God bless +

KellyLawson22 said...

Sara!! I would LOVE to see you/hang out when you get back to Asbury! I am so glad that you are coming back for a little while. It'll be great o have your smile back around this place.


Angela Forbes said...

Billy is pretty awesome! It's great to read about all the fabulousness that you love about your Billy. Good luck getting things accomplished today!

Scott Martin said...

I wish I were married to Billy sometimes, but then that would be weird.

Awesome post, friend. I will still play Scramble while in NE, but you forget you will lose your diabetic super-powers and be helpless against my insulin-powered word ability.

kandice said...

billy IS pretty great... are you sure he doesn't have a twin somewhere in texas? :)
glad you guys are making the most of your time this week!

jason said...

Billy is the bomb. For real. I love Billy. Seriously. I want to be Billy's wrestling tag-team partner.

By the way, your twitter updates are hilarious.

Scott & Carissa Martin said...

yay for billy.
Yay for loving your husband in public. :)

KellyLawson22 said...

JB-- This is why you should twitter with us. This hilarity could be going straight to your phone, giving you numerous opportunities for laughter throughout the day. Think about it.

Scott-- it is my diabetes that has made me WEAK and has caused me lose Scramble games on occasion. I have no insulin to give me super-powers. So when I get my strength back-- LOOK OUT.

...Kevin said...

That might be the sweetest (it's okay, I'm secure enough to say something's sweet) blog I've ever read!

To know Billy is to love Billy.