Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Lawson Update

Sorry I haven't done much blogging lately. I really just don't have much to say, I suppose. No profound realizations have been made lately, and I just haven't had much I've felt like sharing.

But there have been a few new developments on the baby front, so I'll go ahead and get you caught up.

Last Thursday, I went to my regular doctor's appointment. Everything looked great with little baby's health. However, we discovered that our stubborn little princess is breeched-- she's butt-down instead of head-down, like she should be at this point. Because of her size and my size, there's just not much room in there, so the doctors aren't very hopeful that she'll flip on her own. She COULD flip on her own somehow, but I'm told there's only about a 15% chance of that happening.

Bummer. They told us we have two options-- we could go in for a procedure, called a version, where they would give me uterine-relaxing drugs, and they would try to flip her manually from the outside. Or we could go straight for a scheduled c-section delivery, assuming she doesn't flip on her own before then.

We met with the doctor that would do the version, should we go that route. On first pregnancies, the success rate for this procedure is only about 50%. There are also some (rare) risks involved, that could lead to an emergency c-section anyway, as a result of the procedure. Versions are typically much more successful with 2nd or 3rd pregnancies because there's usually a little more room to work with.

So... after much talk, prayer, deliberation, more prayer, and more talking... Billy and I have decided to opt out of doing the version, and to just go for the scheduled c-section. We were a little disappointed at first, but now we feel quite good about everything, and we are confident this is the best decision for our family and our little girl's entrance into the world.

So. Where does that leave us? Next week I go to the doctor again, where they'll do one last ultrasound to make sure she hasn't somehow miraculously turned around (as I type this, I can feel her little head up by my ribs), and if she hasn't, we'll proceed ahead with the c-section.

We tentatively have the delivery scheduled for Friday, August 1st (2 weeks from today) but we set that date before we were 100% certain of my doctor's availability. Obviously, if it turns out he isn't available that day, we'll have to pick a different day. But as I was leaving yesterday, my doc's nurse was taking my chart and going straight to put our little girls' birth on the books. I'll find out next week when I go back if she was able to secure that date (Yes, the waiting is killing me!).

So that's that. 2 weeks from today I could be a mom! And our little girl, who we have waited in great anticipation to meet, could finally be here. We are beside ourselves with excitement!

We appreciate your prayers these last 2 weeks of waiting and preparation.


Tanya said...

It sounds like to me that your daughter likes listening to your heart beat and voice and just can't bear to move too far away from you. She loves listening to the vibrations of you.
That may be a indication of a way to soothe her after she is born,lay her on your chest and let her listen to you talk.
I can't wait till you get to meet her.

Anonymous said...

08-01-08....very much has a nice "ring" to it (and, let's figure out where that Area Code is, cuz wouldn't that be fun to live in "the 818", AND have that be your birthday.

Just a little chuckle, for your Saturday:-)

But seriously, how awesome to know that God is, and has always been, in charge of her delivery: the method and the date....and that He is holding YOUR hand right into Aug 1 and the delivery room, and will continue, even as YOU are holding your baby girls' hand, post delivery!

Yay for babies! Yay God!


KellyLawson22 said...

LizRice! You're hilarious. And I found out that the 818 is mostly the San Fernando Valley of the great state of CA. Hmm... I don't know how I'd feel about my kiddo moving to California-- unless of course, I was able to move there, too.

Thanks for the encouragement. Yea, God, indeed!

Crystal said...

I cannot wait to meet little Eisley. I know a c-section is not what you wanted, but a planned one is less stressful than an emergency one. (speaking of course not as someone who has gone through it, but you know who my dad is, and I believe him!)