Thursday, July 31, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day.

If you happen to be awake at 7:30 a.m. (that's 6:30 a.m. for all of you Texans out there!) tomorrow morning, say a prayer for us. Say a prayer for Dr. Butler and his team that will be performing the c-section. Say a prayer for little Eisley and her big entrance into the world. And say a prayer for her parents-- who are about to figure out just what an adventure parenthood is sure to be.

We will try to post pictures as soon as we possibly can. But give us a little time to get settled into our room and get the pictures onto the computer and uploaded.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Billy for President

I like Billy. Billy and I have known each other for more than 8 years now. We have been married for 4 and a half of those years. Sometimes I have trouble remembering life before Billy. Other times, it feels like I'm still getting to know him, and I wonder if I'll ever figure him out. He's pretty fabulous, you know.

This week is our last week of life as just the two of us. On Friday, there will be 3 in our little family. 4 if you count Riley the dog. Yes, let's say 4. Riley is a very important part of our lives and we are both possibly too much in love with our sweet dog. I mean, how could you NOT love this sweet face?

Back to Billy. This week, we've tried to have a little fun and relax and spend time together before our lives are forever changed. "Date week" has been very fun. Here are some things I like most about my husband. We'll start with the obvious:

He is hilarious
. I have to admit, that sometimes his "hilarity" is the thing that makes me insane. Much of the time, I don't get his jokes. Or I think they are ill-timed or just plain inappropriate. But I can't help but laugh on the inside anyway. I may roll my eyes about Billy's humor in the presence of our friends. But really? Without Billy's indescribable humor, he just wouldn't be Billy. He's VERY funny. And one of a kind. I quite honestly can't think of another person that has the same sense of humor as Billy. Or even close. I'm glad Billy is one of a kind.

He doesn't check his email... ever. I check my email obsessively. In fact, since I've been writing this particular post, I've checked my inbox a couple of times already. Billy checked HIS email last night (he had 72 messages in his inbox), which means he probably won't check it again for another couple of weeks. And when he checks his email, he doesn't usually even reply to the messages. That used to drive me crazy. But now, it's just a funny little thing I like about Billy. He doesn't keep up with his facebook, he only text messages people when they text him first. And he isn't at all interested in my new obsession-- Twitter. Billy instead prefers to have real conversations with people and prefers phone conversations to text messaging. This is a very good thing, and I appreciate that about him.

He's a great housemate! He cleans the house-- and not only is he very good at it, but he actually enjoys it. Usually, in the mornings before he goes to work, he likes to get at least one chore done. In fact, he could probably sleep 30 minutes longer every morning if he wanted to-- but he sticks to this schedule so that he has time to work in at least one household chore. I REALLY appreciate this, because I'm SO not a good housekeeper. I create more messes than I should, and though Billy sometimes complains about that, he just keeps on cleaning up after me anyway.

He's SUPER excited about becoming a dad. He's been beside himself with excitement for weeks/months now. It's delightful to watch him get so excited about the baby stuff. He had a great time putting together the baby furniture-- he finished that little project around 11:30 one night. And when he found out that I'd be putting the baby bedding on the crib that night, he refused to go to bed. He wanted to stay up and help me with it because he couldn't wait until the morning to see what it would look like. He can't wait to meet our little girl and find out what she will look like.

He's incredibly patient. Sure, he has his impatient, cranky moments. But seriously. He deserves an award for living with me. I never put things back where they belong-- at least not right away. I hardly ever know where my keys are. I forget to tell him things all of the time-- like, the fact that people are coming over for dinner or that I've made plans for us to go out with friends. I'm ridiculous. Billy is GREAT at just going with the flow!

He asks good questions. I can't really explain what that means. But he just asks good questions-- about political matters, theological issues, environmental issues, you name it. Things I would never think of asking. And they're always questions I can't answer. Which drives me crazy because he always wants to talk through them, and when I get to a point where I have no more answers, I want to end the conversation. Billy doesn't do that. He keeps wanting to talk about them, and though it's frustrating at the time, it's actually pretty darn good for me.

He often exclaims, "Oh, honey. I love you so much!" -- Yes. It's nice to hear that I am loved. And there's never a day when we don't say "I love you" to one another. But when Billy makes this particular exclamation, it's because he's just discovered to himself a new reason to love me. As though he's been reminded that life with me isn't boring, and I know that at that moment, he thinks I'm pretty fabulous.

Those are just a few of my favorite things about Billy. There are certainly more. But right now, I need to get back to work. It's my last day in the office for six whole weeks. I should probably try to accomplish a thing or two.


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My brain has turned to Jell-O

Think back to the first day of school. Any grade. Any year. It seems there was always ONE teacher who made the comment, "Your brains must have all turned to Jell-O over the summer!"

I really like Jell-O (I like squishing it between my teeth). But I don't like it when my brain turns into it. And that is just what has happened to my brain this summer.

During the school year, the world of Academia keeps me sharp. But because I work as a Children's Pastor, and my summers are filled with Vacation Bible School, Children's Musicals, getting kids off to camp, etc., I don't do summer school. And this summer in particular, I've been so stinkin' tired (I'm blaming it on the fact that I've been growing a person), I haven't done any reading, other than a (very) small handful of pregnancy books.

So my brain? It's mush. I've had absolutely no profound thought lately. No original thought. No great realizations. Nothing exciting to write about, think about, ponder.

I'm bummed.

Yes, the baby is exciting. Yes, I think about the baby a lot!

But I feel like I'm completely asleep in all other areas of my life. I'm ready to wake up.

Not sure how that will all work out once this baby is born (9 days and counting!) and I'm physically exhausted. But I'm betting that somehow through the lessons I will learn through her, I'll come back to life.

And then there's always school in September. The best time of the year.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Baby Lawson Update

Sorry I haven't done much blogging lately. I really just don't have much to say, I suppose. No profound realizations have been made lately, and I just haven't had much I've felt like sharing.

But there have been a few new developments on the baby front, so I'll go ahead and get you caught up.

Last Thursday, I went to my regular doctor's appointment. Everything looked great with little baby's health. However, we discovered that our stubborn little princess is breeched-- she's butt-down instead of head-down, like she should be at this point. Because of her size and my size, there's just not much room in there, so the doctors aren't very hopeful that she'll flip on her own. She COULD flip on her own somehow, but I'm told there's only about a 15% chance of that happening.

Bummer. They told us we have two options-- we could go in for a procedure, called a version, where they would give me uterine-relaxing drugs, and they would try to flip her manually from the outside. Or we could go straight for a scheduled c-section delivery, assuming she doesn't flip on her own before then.

We met with the doctor that would do the version, should we go that route. On first pregnancies, the success rate for this procedure is only about 50%. There are also some (rare) risks involved, that could lead to an emergency c-section anyway, as a result of the procedure. Versions are typically much more successful with 2nd or 3rd pregnancies because there's usually a little more room to work with.

So... after much talk, prayer, deliberation, more prayer, and more talking... Billy and I have decided to opt out of doing the version, and to just go for the scheduled c-section. We were a little disappointed at first, but now we feel quite good about everything, and we are confident this is the best decision for our family and our little girl's entrance into the world.

So. Where does that leave us? Next week I go to the doctor again, where they'll do one last ultrasound to make sure she hasn't somehow miraculously turned around (as I type this, I can feel her little head up by my ribs), and if she hasn't, we'll proceed ahead with the c-section.

We tentatively have the delivery scheduled for Friday, August 1st (2 weeks from today) but we set that date before we were 100% certain of my doctor's availability. Obviously, if it turns out he isn't available that day, we'll have to pick a different day. But as I was leaving yesterday, my doc's nurse was taking my chart and going straight to put our little girls' birth on the books. I'll find out next week when I go back if she was able to secure that date (Yes, the waiting is killing me!).

So that's that. 2 weeks from today I could be a mom! And our little girl, who we have waited in great anticipation to meet, could finally be here. We are beside ourselves with excitement!

We appreciate your prayers these last 2 weeks of waiting and preparation.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eisley's Room

I'm a little frustrated because my camera is a little older, and therefore lacking in the megapixel department-- so you can't see this as clearly as I'd like. But here's Eisley's crib-- all in place and dolled up. :) We are getting excited about her arrival, and the nursery is slowly coming together... the cute little nameplate was made by a long-time family friend of the Lawsons, Cheryl. We think it looks great in her room!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Nowhere Near Finished...

We are nowhere near finished with the nursery, but we are off to a great start. It's been painted, and the furniture has been put together. So, as promised, here are some pictures. Note: the furniture is currently just stuck in the middle of the room, and the room itself has yet to be arranged. That'll happen once we get the glider (this week) and have all the pieces we'll be working with. But here, you can get the general idea of the wall color and the direction we're headed...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Update on Life

Um...the creative juices are not flowing these days. I've really got nothing interesting to blog about. So I guess I'll give you guys back home a regular ol' update on the Lawsons.

Of course the big thing for us right now is the baby. We're one month and 1 day away (but who is counting?) from the due date. And folks, we know that August 8th is the latest possible date she'll arrive. Because of my gestational diabetes, my doctor won't let me go even one day past the due date (potential complications become a big factor in ges. diabetes patients once you hit the 40 week mark), so yes-- 1 month and 1 day at MOST is how much longer we have before our baby girl enters the world. I get butterflies in my stomach everytime I think about it. Please pray that she comes on her own before then-- a non-induced labor is generally a lot better than an induced labor. Either way, I know everything will be fine! I'd just rather her come on her own than to have to force her out!

So yes. One month away and we're both getting very anxious. And kind of tired of waiting! Many of our good friends have their babies now, and we're one of the very few couples we know that are still waiting. We babysat our little friend Evelyn last night (who is an adorable 10 week old) and Billy kept wanting to try out all of our baby stuff on Evelyn-- he put her in our swing, wanted to get out the boppy, and was certain that she needed to test out the plethora of other baby goodies that have overtaken our house. Billy LOVES all of the baby things we've accumulated and is excited to put them to use!

This week we painted the nursery (a beautiful shade of green) and tomorrow the crib and dresser arrive-- I can't wait! Because once THAT is in place, we can REALLY start putting her room together-- the bedding can go on the crib and things can be hung on the wall. And then you'll probably find me standing at the door of the room for hours on end, dreaming about its newest little occupant.

Here's a picture of the furniture we settled on. Obviously, this not what our nursery will look like (I wish!), but once we get the furniture set up in our house, I'll post pictures.

We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Texas-- and I mean, it was a whirlwind! I think we were actually on the road to and from Texas for a longer amount of time than we were actually IN the Lone Star State, but it was a good trip nonetheless-- it was great to see so many of you (though the visits with everyone were FAR too short. Yuck. I hate that). I got to attend my Uncle Steve's surprise 50th birthday party and see the Efurd clan in Tyler on Friday when we arrived. I got to spend Friday night hanging out with my mom and sister... while Billy, unfortunately, was knocked out by an awful stomach flu he contracted on Day 2 of our trip (That made for a fun drive). We were blessed with a WONDERFUL baby shower in Dallas on Saturday morning (great fun with so many people I love all in one place!) and a great family lunch after the shower with a lot of the Collins clan. We got to go to our friend Heather's wedding on Saturday night and dine at the reception with some wonderful old friends of ours. Sunday we got to attend Sunday School and church at our home church, which was too wonderful for words. For lunch, we got to see Jacob & Kristin and meet their brand new son, Henry. He's an absolute cutie. We spent Sunday afternoon with my brother, sister-in-law, and our fabulous niece and nephew. There's nothing sweeter than hearing 3 year-old Kayla say, "Aunt Kelly? I love you!" Billy picked up his new kayak, and Sunday night we hung with my dad and stepmom. Monday we stopped at the Efurd peach farm for a while, and had Pittsburg Hot Links for lunch (our favorite Texas treat). We stopped in Mt. Pleasant and hung out with my grandmother and sister for a couple of hours before hitting the road to Memphis (kayak on top of the car!) and then on to Kentucky on Tuesday. So much fun.

It sure was a bummer for us to have had so much fun in Texas and have to go straight to work on Wednesday! It's a good thing I actually like my job. Otherwise, it would have been torture.

While we were gone, our Riley-girl stayed with the Martins and hung out with her friend Bobby. Bobby and Riley are big buds and love each other quite a bit. I just have to share this beautiful picture that Carissa took of the dogs:

Aren't they cute?

As you know, this Friday was the 4th of July. We woke up to a heavy downpour of rain-- MAJOR bummer. But it turned out to be a great day after all. The rain meant that we would not be attending the Wilmore Parade (major bummer because this parade and the festivities that follow are my favorite things about Wilmore, KY). But the day turned out to be just splendid! We have such a wonderful family of friends here in Wilmore-- we spent the day with some of those friends. We had breakfast together, saw WALL-E (a GREAT movie!), went to a party/cookout, shot fireworks, and Billy got a lesson in how to use our sewing machine. And somewhere in there, I squeezed in a 2 hour nap. So the rain was a disappointment, but the day certainly wasn't.

I noticed a few days ago how many diabetes commercials there are on TV. I never noticed these commercials until I got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Seriously. It's absurd. It seems that every other commercial on TV is for a blood glucose meter or other testing supplies or a once-daily pill that can help you manage your diabetes. There's the commercial about juvenile diabetes and how the One Touch Ultra Mini helps these kids have normal lives. And then there's the talking glucose meter. And of course there's the Liberty Medical Commercials. Out of control, people.

I've now gotten tot he "rambling" point in this post, so I'll go ahead and wrap it up. If someday I think of something profound to say, I'll be sure to let you know. Otherwise, check back for baby updates and pictures (soon to come!) of the nursery.


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Advice for Baby: Part II

In keeping with the theme of the previous post, I've decided to share with you MORE advice I've received for our baby girl. This time-- from kids of all ages, from the ministry we do in the government housing community of the town where I work. These kids are absolutely precious, and this is what they had to say...

- Feed her well
- Love your baby!
- Take care of your baby
- Don't let the baby sit on the toilet by herself
- Don't sit on your baby
- Don't leave your baby at home
- Never leave her in the cold winter or hot sun
- Take your baby to Six Flags
- Burp your baby with her mouth away from you
- Sing everyday to the baby
- Wear the same clothes as your baby-- including onesies
- Change your baby's diapers when they need it
- Feed your baby
- Take care of your baby every winter