Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I take it back!

In my previous post, where I wrote lovingly about the cicadas that have invaded our yard, I might have made a mistake. I wrote one tiny sentence that I wish I could take back.

I was talking about how the cicadas have taken over the tree in our front yard. And then I said this about our tree: I wish it would get struck by lightning.

Well, our tree did not get struck by lightning. But last night, in a terrible storm, our pretty little tree snapped. Blew over. It's gone. It is a sad day for us here at home. There apparently used to be TWO trees in our front yard, but the other one DID get struck by lightning some time before we moved in. And now, our one and only source of shade at our house is gone. It really was a lovely tree-- you know, when it wasn't infested with cicadas.

Here are a couple of pictures of what we woke to this morning.


Kelly McCuaig said...

What Luck! Poor Tree. Well, at least the cicadas won't have a place to roost anymore.

Jeremiah said...


Neener said...

Nuh uh! That's so crazy that one day you were hatin' on the tree and now it's gone!

Are the cicadas still swarming around it or have they moved on to another tree, hoping its owner doesn't blog it down with hate?

KellyLawson22 said...

Ha! Nina, you're one of my funniest friends.

So far, they are still swarming around the tree... but when the tree people come to remove it here in the next day or two, we will officially be cicada-free!


Sara said...

thats crazy awesome...i mean, i feel bad for the tree and all, but the cicadas, not so much...we have them bad down here in Louisiana too, and even though i like the sound they make at night, i secretly want to blow up all the trees with them in it, haha

Anonymous said...

Oh so sad -- It always upsets me to see trees that don't make it. In Lubbock we have so few trees that when one dies it takes years to grow another one. I am sad for your loss. tanya

Anonymous said...

man, you must be on God's good side... one little request and He smote that tree!