Saturday, June 21, 2008

Advice for Baby

Yesterday was the last day of Vacation Bible School (see previous post-- it's been an awesome week!) and as a surprise "thank you" for me, the 3rd & 4th grade class wrote some letters to me, with their best advice for my soon-to-be-born baby girl. I wanted to share these with you (spelled exactly as the kids spelled everything) in hopes that, like me, you will laugh, smile, and be blessed!

"My advice for your baby":

- When she crys, give her a bottle. Or change her diaper.
- Get it a stuffed animal or a blankeet that it loves.
- have plenty of diapers
- give her good baby food. And fead her a lot of ice cream.
- You can keep a bottle of milk ready in the frige. Stay at the most 2 rooms away from the baby!
- Feed the baby veggies. Change its diper. If it's a girl, name it Sally Kaley.
- Only get it baby toys, get baby food, get a baby crib, get it a hi-chair
- You will need clothes, baby bed, baby room, dipers, and a stroller. Take your baby lots of places. Love your baby. Feed baby food.
- You should have it at Saint Joseph East. Over 1,000 wimen go there to have their baby. That's my advice. (Coincidentally, this IS where we'll be having the baby-- I thought it was very interesting that this child would be offering advice on a certain hospital!)
- Feed it candy!
- Don't shake the baby
- Eat your vechtables
- Tech it how to read.
- Take your babby to see grandma and grandpa. Burp it lots of times. Treat your babby very nice.
- Teach her how to roller skate and tell her about God.
- Allways burp it after feeding
- Teach her how to sing the ABCs and how to count to 10.
- Let her play out of a playpen so she can learn to crawl.
- Teach her how to skip rocks (I would do this, if I myself knew how!!)
- Hold her whenever she wants
- Bottle, crib, and pink pink pink!
- Teach her how to walk.
- Teich your baby to be nice.

Some good advice, here. :) All of these sweet mementos from VBS 2008 will definitely be finding their way into little girl's baby book!


jeremiah said... it.
you got it friend, this is a true gem for the baby book.

Magen said...

classic...reminds me of my kindergarten teaching days. you look great!! sooo close!! fun being pregnant in the blazing heat of summer, huh?! ha.

Ingram Gang said...

too cute!!!

kandice said...

that's awesome advise! and i think my favorite is "don't shake the baby"... i know it's a serious problem sometimes, but it kind of reminds me of those pickle buckets that have a picture of a child crawling into it headfirst, with the universal "no" symbol on it. thanks for sharing your precious comments!