Sunday, May 18, 2008

Only in Wilmore...

We live in a small, quaint town. Picture Mayberry, if you will. Now picture it in color. That's where we live. Population: tiny. The total number of police cars in the Wilmore Police Department: 2. City Hall is probably only 2 rooms big, and downtown is approximately 3 (short) blocks in length. Downtown you'll find Sims pharmacy, complete with a soda fountain, where yummy shakes and malts can be enjoyed, as well as some of the most delicious pizza you'll eat.

During the summer, hanging baskets of pink and purple flowers line the main streets of the town, and it's really one of the most lovely sights you'll ever see. It's a safe enough town to leave your doors unlocked when you leave, and if you're outside in your yard for more than 5 minutes, you're BOUND to see someone you know walking by. It's a tiny little bubble of a town, and I would maybe even say it'd be the perfect place to raise a family. We're only 20 miles from Lexington, so we are close to a bigger city (Lexington's population is about 200,000) and close to civilization.

In the winter, the whole town comes out for the Old Fashioned Musical Christmas Celebration. The town Christmas tree is lit, and all of the local shop owners downtown open their doors and serve hot chocolate, apple cider, and other Christmas goodies. There are choirs singing, and even horse-drawn carriages cruising down Main Street(the horse-drawn carriage is around all-year, though).

In the summer, the whole town gets together for the Fourth of July parade (complete with a super-soaker brigade AND a lawnmower brigade!) and cookout. Yes, there are 25-cent hot dogs, 50-cent burgers, and watermelon and icy cold Ale-8 (a delicious Kentucky soft drink).

But yet... there are strange things that happen in Wilmore. Sometimes things are a little "off" and I wonder, "Can this place be real? Where am I living?" For example:

Not too far from our neighborhood is a Primate Rescue Center. That's right. Primates. Our friends were hearing strange noises from time to time-- figuring it was SOME kind of animal, but the sounds were unfamiliar. A little research and they discovered that Wilmore is home to this Primate Rescue Center. They were hearing monkeys in the night! Making CRAZY sounds.

We've been enjoying a lovely spring, and have been sleeping with our windows open at night. We've heard SO many cats, it's not even funny. Yes, this can happen anywhere. But I think our neighborhood is home to the largest number of stray cats per capita than anywhere I've ever lived.

Also, at the end of our neighborhood, and right outside our friends' back door is a large field of cows. Every evening around dusk, the cows come up to the fence to graze and moo and carry on and say their hellos. They're really kind of cute.

And today. Today something VERY strange happened to our friends. They had a very funny adventure. I'm pretty sure this kind of thing happens only in Wilmore. I will now direct you to their blog so that you can see for yourself and read the account of what happened, and better yet-- see the pictures. Click here.



Chris said...

ah, Wilmore. Four square miles surrounded by reality ...

Dr Bill said...

What a great story! The speaker at our Men's Retreat this weekend, Tom Atkins, went to school in Wilmore and reports that during his time there, the two police cars crashed into each other on the way to a fire, leaving Wilmore with ZERO police cars! I'm sure a major crime wave ensued!

Neener said...

That pig story was AWESOME-O. And Wilmore sure does sound like a good place to get a milkshake.

nonprofitprophet said...

I was getting images of Chevy Chase's movie "Funny Farm" while reading your post. ~npp