Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm all metered up!

Well. I went today to meet with the diabetes consultant and with the nutritionist. I have got some very specific guidelines for what I can and cannot eat. And I've got my oh-so-cool meter and test strips for all those times I'll be pricking my finger and testing my glucose levels throughout the day.

This is going to be fun. Okay, not fun. But it WILL be an adventure.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, but this whole thing seems completely doable. It'll just take some getting used to.

In other news, I have discovered three new loves over the weekend:

1. The movie Iron Man. I did NOT want to see this movie, but Billy and a friend both really wanted to see it, so I figured, "Why not. Maybe it'll be entertaining." Turns out, it was more than mildly entertaining. It was GREAT! Robert Downey, Jr was excellent and unlike many superhero movies, the script/dialogue wasn't overly cheesy.

2. Disc Golf. I have played before, but Billy and I played twice over the weekend. I'm completely awful at this game, but it is fun, nonetheless. The game became MORE fun once we actually purchased regulation disc golf discs instead of trying to play with regular frisbees. There's a great 9-hole course in Wilmore, and Riley likes to tag along with us. There are some other parks nearby we may be headed to soon.

3. The TV show Veronica Mars. Our college friend James was in town visiting for the weekend, and he along with our friends the Merrifields convince Billy and me that we really needed to watch this show. The show ran on the WB I think, and only aired for 3 seasons. This is unfortunate. Because it is GREAT! The Merrifields loaned us Season 1 on Friday. In just 2 days we have watched half of the season. And were we at home more or if we didn't have jobs to go to during the day, I am CERTAIN we would have already finished Season 1 by now.

Later, friends!

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Shannon said...

This Veronica Mars thing, it sounds like something Kelly and I may do. We tend to get a TV show DVD and go crazy with it. For example, all 10 seasons of Friends during the hardest 3 months of our lives, and all 7 seasons of West Wing in just a few months. DVD TV watching is FUN!