Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Thanks, Ashley.

I have some blogging buddies out there-- I so enjoy reading friends' blogs... they're entertaining, funny, insightful, and some often challenge me to a deeper level of holiness. One of my favorite blogs to read is Ashley's. She's witty, funny, and honest. And today, because SHE had been tagged, and wanted to suck her other friends in, too... I was "tagged". I figure I might as well respond. Here's what you're supposed to do:

1. Link your tagger. Post the rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself (random and weird).
3. Tag 7 friends.
4. Leave a comment letting them know they've been "tagged."

Also, if you know me at all, you know I'm a sucker for those silly little pointless email "get-to-know-your-friends-better" surveys. Maybe I'm a nerd. But I also just really enjoy learning funny little things about my friends. So even though you may have no interest in learning 7 weird things about ME, I'm going to share them anyway! Here goes:

1. I am not a fan of chicken. I have TRIED to enjoy chicken, but it just doesn't work. It's my least favorite meat. Billy likes chicken. Billy often WANTS chicken for dinner. But I never do. Give me red meat, baby! Or fish. Or even pork. I'll eat chicken if it's what is being served, or if it's hidden in a dish (i.e. chicken pot pie or chicken noodle soup), but I don't love it when it's the star of the show, and I don't think I've ever voluntarily chosen to eat chicken. Except on the rare occasion when I get a craving for some greasy FRIED chicken.

2. I REALLY miss getting to eat sushi. Being pregnant, sushi is a no-no. But I LOVE it. I only recently discovered my love for sushi (like, within the past 4 years), and now that I can't have it, it's what I want all of the time.

3. I hate matching up socks after they've been washed and dried. I refuse to do it. This has sort of been a source of tension between Billy and myself. He claims it's just not all that difficult. But I guess I just don't care enough to do it. I see that laundry basket full of white socks and I wish I were faced with any other challenge. So. Most often, I just pull socks out of the basket as I need them-- or else just wear non-matching socks. After 4 years of marriage, however, Billy has FINALLY just come to terms with the fact that no matter what, I'm not going to match up the socks. He graciously has begun to do that job for me. :)

4. I LOVE Dogwood trees and azaleas in the springtime. We do have dogwood trees here in Kentucky (and a bunch of other beautiful trees and plants that I don't know the names of!) but we don't have azaleas. I have such fond memories of walking the Azalea Trails as a child in my hometown of Tyler, Texas. They were simply breathtaking.

5. I love to bake. I love to bake cookies, cakes, pies, whatever. But I don't always like to eat them. I've never been much of a sweets person (give me salty snacks, please!) but I've always enjoyed baking sweet treats for other people.

6. Pink is my favorite color. When I was a child, my grandmother used to try to make pink be my favorite color. I hated it. She always told me that pink is every little girl's favorite color, but I just was never fond of it. I always liked blue. Or green. That is, up until about a year ago, when I fell in love with pink. All shades. I know my grandmother is proud, and now when I tell her that pink is my favorite color, I am not lying. :)

7. I LOVE to sing, but have an awful voice. Truly awful. Sometimes when I get carried away in church or in the car, I can sense Billy staring at me. He doesn't actually ever SAY anything, but his staring is my cue to get things under control and stop singing so loudly, as not to embarrass myself any further.

So that's it. 7 things you may not have already known about me. So now I am supposed to tag 7 people? 7 people with blogs? I hate to do this to you, because you guys just MIGHT not get as much enjoyment out of this as I do. So instead, I'll say this. If you want to be tagged and post 7 things about yourself that the world doesn't already know, then consider yourself tagged. :) Know that I at least often want to know things about you.


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Ingram Gang said...

To be quite honest, I can relate to many of your points. I am the opposite of the first one. I don't much care for red meat or actually I don't care for meat much at all...I like fish.
The sock comment is funny. At our small group last night, we actually talked about this. Some of the couples just throw all of their unmatched socks in a drawer and pick them out as needed while others match them up. I never knew there was another option besides matching them.?
I have a solution...flip flops.
I liked your 7 facts. I knew I would want to read what you had to say, that is why I tagged you ;)