Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Not Much to Say...

I realized today (thanks, Shannon) that my last post was on April 10th-- that's quite a while ago, and it's very unlike me to go so long without posting something. The problem is that I haven't got much to say right now. Life is just sort of... regular. So here's a regular ol' update on the Lawsons.

The baby: I'm currently 24 and a half weeks. What's going on with the baby this week? She's just over a foot long, and still doesn't have much fat on her tiny little body. Her brain is developing rapidly, and she can hear more now. At night, Billy is currently reading Beverly Cleary's Ralph S. Mouse to Eisley and me. I have actually never read that book, so I am enjoying having Billy read it to us! She is kicking around a lot now, and just this week I'm able to actually look at my stomach and see it popping up and down. Unfortunately, this week has also meant the arrival of random and sudden (painful) leg cramps-- mostly in the middle of the night, when I am sound asleep. It's fun to be startled awake by surprising pain. Ha.

School: I'm totally distracted. I find myself daydreaming about Eisley and baby showers and painting the nursery... I think about the fear of the unknown and about labor and the lack of sleep that is sure to come when Eisley arrives. But I am doing my best to stay focused. I am certain I'll successfully get through the semester... it's just hard to be as focused on school as I'd like!

Work: Work is great. Exhausting, but great. I love my kids and I love the relationship I now have with the church staff. I am also doing my Mentored Ministry for school this semester, and I am doing that Mentored Ministry at the church where I work. That means that I had to come up with some sort of project non-Children's Ministry related, so as to expand the kinds of experiences I have there. So. Last night I made a presentation to the Covenant Leadership Team (like an Administrative Council) of our church, and offered a proposal to start up a new ministry team, as a way of expanding our prayer ministry. It was very exciting, because everyone was really thrilled about the idea. So now we get to move forward with it and start talking to the church body about it. I have even talked to a person within the church that is REALLY excited about the possibility of being the "point person"/leader for this ministry, and he has even found some people to work with... so this new ministry team will be completely lay-led, which I am absolutely ecstatic about!

I think that hits the high points for now. I apologize for such little substance in this particular post. One of these days I'll have something funny or profound to say again.



Shannon said...

I've been incredibly distracted too. I've been daydreaming about making a nursery, picking out strollers and car seats, and imagining actually having a baby to take care of. I just can't wait to find out if I'm having a boy or a girl. It is VERY hard to focus on school!

Neener said...

Eisley? When did you guys decide to name her Eisley! (and how do you pronounce that? Eeesley?)

And I loved The Mouse and the Motorcycle when I was a kiddo. Something about a mouse wearing a ping pong ball for a helmet really spoke to me!

Krisitn said...

Even though you don't think your post is very deep, I love reading about how you and baby are doing. I will share that I am also incrediably distracted at work and in my grad school work. Right now, all I want to do is get ready for him to be here and not much else.

Keep updating- some of us really enjoy it! :)

KellyLawson22 said...

Nina-- Eisley is pronounced: Eyes-Lee. A friend told me that we probably shouldn't name our child anything that requires a pronunciation key... but there just aren't many other names out there that the both of us like. Eisley has just kind of stuck. :)

And Kristin-- thanks for the love! :) And thanks for reading... we are so excited about the arrival of baby Henry, too! Keep us posted. :)

Ingram Gang said...

How did you come up with Eisley?
My good friend has a 6 month old named Eisley. I just thought it was really ironic that you, too, are naming your little girl Eisley. I was wondering if you came up with it the same way. Please post more about that :)

You should check out their blog, from my blog link to the Wilsons. I do love Eisleys!!!

The Wilsons said...

Hi Kelly. I am Ashley's friend with another baby named Eisley. Thanks for the comment on Ashley's page. That was so intresting to hear! Your story is the exact same one as ours on how we chose Eisley's name. I try not to tell many people about the Star Wars correlation. :) I don't want people thinking I'm a nerd, but actually my husband told me about the Star Wars thing. We too originally heard it because of the band. I also love it because it is so sweet and feminine sounding. I am honored that there will be another Eisley coming. Yes, just like someone wasn't sure how it was pronounced earlier, we get that pronunciation all the time...Eeesley??? I used to get irritated, but now, I'm just used to explaining her name. Anyways, blessings on your baby girl. :) Sarah Wilson

Kandice said...

being the friend that suggested a pronunciation key...can i call her "snake eyes"? cause that's totally cool... and it IS her name, kinda... S. Eisley... S. Eyes.. Snaaaake Eyyes... :) Don't hate me. Elementary school kids are much more brutal. But I'm serious. I think it might be the coolest nickname ever. In fact, it's actually making me kind of excited about it. :) Glad to hear that you're doing well. How's the nursery coming along?

Anonymous said...

LOVE the name!~ Eisley....and it goes well with Lawson...is her middle name one syllable? Just curious:-)

someone mentioned a band (in relation to her name)....would that be the band that sang, "Who's That Lady", from the 70's, I think: The Isley Brothers? Or, have I just REALLY shown my age:-)