Thursday, March 27, 2008


I don't like church meetings very much. I like LEADING them even less. In 45 minutes, I have to lead a meeting for which I have yet to write the agenda. So I probably shouldn't be blogging.

There have been very few "meetings" I have been a part of that have been very productive. It's often a lot of circular talk and "laying the groundwork" sort of stuff. Not much is usually accomplished or decided because some decisions you just don't want to rush into. I'd much rather be a part of a lot of conversations rather than meetings. Maybe I'm the only one. Maybe you guys enjoy meetings and you think they're worthwhile.

I think for my next meeting, though, I'm going to gather everyone around a table for a meal. And let the conversation happen. There are lots of good things that happen at the feasting table. Not a lot of great things often happen around a conference room table.

Grr... that agenda is calling out to me, waiting to be written. Later.


Neener said...

I hear you on this one!!! Revolutionize how business is done!

Conversation is always top notch when food is involved. Conference tables usually mean the leaders will tell you how it is, get replies from their "yes men/women" and see if anyone is brave enough to interact. Meanwhile, I tend to zone out and think about all the other things I could be accomplishing.

jason said...

I have no comment. :)

Chris said...

I agree with neener. Buy some food, spread it on top of a tablecloth, and tell people to keep their laptops in their bags. Meetings are often a big waste of time, though sometimes they can be helpful if everybody is engaged and you know you'll get out on time. There's a great book on this sort of thing (team development) by a guy named Lencioni called "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team", if you're interested. He also wrote a book called "Death by Meeting" if that helps your opinion of him :)

Becca Barnes said...

I like the 'table meeting' concept. However with my luck, I would be seated next to the food-talker. You know the people who have so many important things to say they can't stop to chew and swallow.

Jana said...

My boss used to throw food in front of us to get us excited about meetings.