Friday, February 22, 2008

The Tastes of Texas

I may be posting this particular entry because it's lunchtime and I'm hungry. Or because I'm pregnant and missing all of the foods I'm not "supposed to eat" in order to stay healthy. Maybe I'm homesick. But whatever the reason, I have been thinking about food this morning. Billy and I try to eat "smart"-- we like to prepare healthy and delicious meals at home (and I must say that my chicken, orzo & spinach soup I made last night was awesome!), but on occasion, it is a real treat to go out to eat. But the problem is-- we live in Wilmore, KY. In Wilmore, there are only 3 restaurants. One of which is Subway. Nicholasville is pretty close, but there's not much there besides fast food. And Lexington... Lexington is good and only 20-30 minutes away. But we always get in such a rut. We find ourselves eating at major chains (some of which are good), but I really miss the fun, local, neighborhood restaurants of Dallas, TX. Chances are, I just haven't discovered what the fun spots are here. But today, here is my nod to my favorite flavors of Dallas:

Two Rows Restaurant & Brewery -- give me a honey-pepper bacon burger and a Honey Blonde Ale. YUM!

Cathy's Wok & Grill -- really good Chinese food near our old apartment. They've got a great menu and great food.

Cristina's Mexican Food -- their salsa is fresh and I love their fajitas. Mostly because their homemade tortillas are so yummy and warm.

Cafe Express -- "fast" food... ish. But really fresh and yummy. Their soups are always good.

Campisi's -- YUMMY Italian, yummy pizza, great atmosphere (in the Egyptian room of course!)

Herrerra's on Denton Drive -- bean soup? YUM. A #2A? DELISH.

Bubba's -- unbelievable fried chicken & homestyle veggies and homemade rolls

Ernesto's -- a great little Garland joint with fresh salsa, great guacamole, and reliably good Mexican food

A Taste of Italy -- another Garland joint with great garlic rolls

Matt's Rancho Martinez (and also Mattito's) -- The Bob Armstrong Dip is so good (but NOT good FOR you!)

Potbelly Sandwiches -- okay, it's a chain, but we don't have them here, so I miss it!

Cafe Pacific -- I've only been there a couple of times, but but the Chilean sea bass was so tasty

Mi Cocina and/or Taco Diner -- Ridiculously delicious food at both of these places-- they're not the same restaurant, but under the same ownership... and both locations have unbelievable food. Taco Diner is more Mexico City style food and Mi Cocina is Tex-Mex

Peggy Sue BBQ. Or Sammy's BBQ
-- both great options for good, Texas barbecue. I really thought Kentucky would have good barbecue, but so far I've been unimpressed. But you can't go wrong with Peggy Sue's or Sammy's!

Jake's Burgers -- a truly delicious burger

S & D Oyster Company -- the shrimp po-boy is great, and their seafood gumbo is full of flavor. For dessert? Their lemon icebox pie can't be beat!

Pizza Villa
-- unbelievably addictive pizza

El Fenix -- who could ignore this Dallas favorite? The food is always reliable and good and consistently flavorful. My favorite thing to order is half an order of nachos and a bowl of their tortilla soup. It's got great big chunks of avacado.

Posado's -- again, another great Mexican food joint. I know, it's kind of a continuing theme throughout this post. Posado's actually got started in my hometown of Tyler, TX and spread to the Dallas area. Really delicious. Their tortillas are really good.

-- really good burgers and other goodies. But their cheese-fries are my favorite thing on the menu!

I think that hits the high spots for me. For now. NOW, I have to go eat some lunch!


Jeremiah said...

No Cici's???

KellyLawson22 said...

Ha ha ha ha ha! Of COURSE there's no Cici's!!! Now, I think we all know that it would probably make BILLY's list! :)

Neener said...

I definitely read this before lunch and it only made my hunger pangs worse!

Thanks for the list, I'll do you a favor and eat at all the ones I've never been to before in your name. Then maybe I should post a recap of how good they all were. :-)

Also, it's weird you mention Cathy's Wok since they leave their menus on my door all the time!

KellyLawson22 said...

Oh really? Cathy's Wok is great! Plus, they deliver! You really SHOULD eat at the places you haven't been before. And let me know what you think! :)

Neener said...

Before I read your reply, I actually ate at Cafe Express today! I had their chicken sandwich which wasn't too shabby. Plus, my friend had her business card on her and apparently, you get a free cookie for giving one to them!

Since I had eaten at four of those before this post, it's one down, fourteen to go!

Anonymous said...

so, what suggestions do you have for the area surrounding MOODY Texas? That's right: Moody.

My in-laws moved there (from Sacramento) 5 years ago, and it KILLS us to visit, for a variety of reasons.....but serious lack of decent eateries is right up there.

....if only they had moved to Dallas, where they have THREE adult children, and scads of grandchildren living, we would have hit the jackpot, with your list:-)


KellyLawson22 said...

Moody TX? Seriously? That's near Waco, right? And Crawford? Um... The Coffee Cup in Crawford actually makes a delicious burger. Seriously. But it's probably not worth the 15 mile drive there to get it! Bummer about that. They really should have chosen Dallas. I mean, this is a GREAT list of eateries I have compiled!

Spiegs said...

dude. how badly do i want some honey pepper bacon and a fajita? there is no pig here. there are no tortillas. what's a girl to do?!?!

now, i would like to add Cafe Brazil to your list - the grilled cheese has 5 different kinds of cheese! and oh, the never-ending coffee and the sweet potato fries.

oh dallas. how i miss thee. (and kapow)

Christin said...

I, too miss all these great eateries you have listed! Next time you come to Texas we'll have to have a Dallas Day - just to eat good food!
I'm sure there are great places to eat here in Austin (none living up to herreras) but I can't really take the family!

Crystal said...

Are you really complaining about a 20 minute drive? Plano is about 30 minutes for us and that's where all of our friends live. We drive up there at least once or maybe twice a week. Its even worse when they want to go to Frisco. Talk about a long drive home!

Love you Kel,