Tuesday, February 19, 2008

April 10... A Day to Celebrate!

Yesterday a friend informed me of some of the best news I have heard all year. The Office returns to NBC with new episodes on April 10!!! This is a day to celebrate indeed.

In fact... "The party planning committee is all over it, they’ve been working 24/7 all day yesterday."

(Just a little quote from Michael's Birthday episode in Season 2.)

Three months have passed since we have seen our Office friends. I wonder how they will handle the return. Will they produce the six new episodes this season as though no time has passed? Or will we see them three months from when we last saw them? I read that there have been considerations for both options.

So yes. Six new episodes for Season 4. Sad that there's only going to be six... but six is better than zero. It's funny, because I had read an article shortly after Season 3 ended, that they had planned to air 30 new episodes for Season 4, rather than the typical 22. Of course the writers strike happened and they got nowhere near 30.

I'm a happy person today. Let the countdown begin. 51 Days until laughter resumes!


jason said...

51 DAYS?!?

That seems sooooo far away.

I hope they resume where they left off, for real. I know they play it off like it's real, but 3 months is a lot of time and a lot can change...for comparisons sake, just over 3 months ago, Dana was still pregnant!

Ingram Gang said...

This just made my day! Just think, by the time The Office returns, you will know the sex of your baby. ;)

Jeremiah said...

I cant wait!
51 days and I will have my "oprah moment"!

Season 1 (Diversity Day)

Christin said...

We're so excited, too! We wish we could have a viewing party with you two! We'll be together in spirit that day!

Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I happened by your Blog just now....because I had
NO IDEA what day The Office was going to start up!!!

And, NOW I know!

And, I excited, and appreciative of your posting such glorious news.

Let the laughter begin, indeed!