Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Another New Semester...

Spring 2008. Yesterday I began my 5th semester at Asbury Seminary. Usually, I make a big deal of it and buy new notebooks and folders and school supplies. This semester, I waited until an hour before class started to even look up the classroom numbers for my classes! It's not that I don't CARE about this semester, or that I'm not looking forward to my classes... I guess somehow in the craziness of last week's move to our new place and trying to get settled in (though I have MAJORLY lost steam for unpacking!), I kind of let the semester sneak up on me.

Nevertheless, I anticipate another great one. I'm taking three 2-credit-hour courses, and one 3-hour course. The problem is that I think sometimes professors of 2-hour courses don't really adjust the amount of required reading to reflect the fewer number of credit hours. They treat it just like a normal 3-hour class. So the reading is still hefty and the papers are still long. That's not necessarily a bad thing-- there's much to be learned- I'm just realizing that I've got a lot of work ahead of me this semester even though a quick glance at my schedule might not indicate that.

So... drum roll... what classes am I taking?!

Christian Ethics-- I think it's going to be a GREAT class. Really. Fun friends in that class, along with a professor who is deeply passionate about the material.

Concise Greek-- some of you may remember that I took comprehensive Greek last semester and did NOT enjoy. This is my attempt at an easier version of the course. I think this will be the semester where it sticks. :) The one weird thing? I'm the only female in this class. Really. I've been one of 3 or 4 female students in a class before, but never the only one. It's kind of odd. It doesn't bother me really. It's just strange.

John Wesley's Theology for Today-- SUPER excited about this one, even though it's a night class. It's taught by Steve Harper, who actually teaches at Asbury's Orlando, FL campus. It's a joint class between the two campuses, and Dr. Harper appears through live video feed, and we appear in HIS classroom via live video. He'll come to the KY campus a few times this semester so that we can see him "live" but he'll predominately teach from the FL campus. He's funny, interesting, and loves the subject material. Oh, and he's a Texan. So he's gotta be good.

Finally, I'm doing Part 1 of my Mentored Ministry-- basically, I work in a church for 8 hours each week, and meet with a mentor pastor for one hour each week. I learn what ministry is all about. Plus, I get to go to class and learn from Dr. Dongell every week, too. And write papers and do case studies. Sounds like a daunting task, but the beauty of this course is that I get to do my work at the church where I am already employed-- as part of my regular hours that I am already working. This way, I will continue to do the work I'm already doing, plus I'll get some structured time with my boss/pastor, who I love and look forward to learning more from.

So that's it, friends. An overview of what is to come this semester.

In other news? We've had weird weather this week. Snow, ice, rain, freezing rain, more snow. Kind of messy outside, but it started to clear up this afternoon. We'll see what tonight brings. I was supposed to go to the doctor this morning for a check-up, but I got in the car and saw how snowy the roads in my neighborhood were, so I rescheduled the appointment for Friday. Our doctor is in east Lexington (about 30 minutes away) and since I was driving by myself, I decided I didn't quite feel safe making the journey out into the cold. So... I'll go on Friday afternoon and if there's anything interesting to report about the baby, I'll be sure to let you all know.

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Kristin said...

Just as you love it when we update our website, I love to read all your new updates! Sorry you couldn't make it to your appointment today- I just hope you don't end up with as many I am having to go to. :)

As far as school goes, I wonder if your being pregnant has anything to do with your not being as into it. I know that last semster I kind of lost some steam on things because my mind was a little preoccupied. Good luck with classes this semster!