Monday, January 28, 2008

Remembering Yoshi

When I was 18 years old, I wanted a pet. And since I was living with friends at the time, and was about to leave for college, the only pet that made sense for me to have was a fish. I actually did not name this fish, but I did give him a loving home. A little tank with some colorful rocks and grass.

He looked like the fish above. He was a black skirted tetra.

A few months later, I left for college at Texas Tech University. I decided that the 7.5 hour drive to Lubbock might be too much for my little fish, so I had to make the decision to leave him behind. Plus, we were not allowed to have fish in our dorm rooms. I left this fish in the loving care of my friend Leslie, with whom I had worked at Tom Sorrels Insurance Agency, and with whom I had rung handbells and gone to church. We made his home at the insurance office.

The fish soon got a name-- Yoshi. And the kids who would come into the office with their parents loved to look at little Yoshi, happily swimming in his tank.

Leslie, fed, cleaned, and took very good care of Yoshi. And you can imagine my surprise, when a couple of years later, while I was in college, Leslie wrote to inform me that Yoshi was still (very happily) alive! I couldn't believe it. I had paid 25 cents for this little fish! For a 25-cent fish to live for 2 years was unheard of!

More time passed. More updates from Leslie came. I was convinced that this little fish would never die.

Until this morning. Leslie sent an email this morning informing me of Yoshi's passing over the weekend. This little fish lived for almost 10 years. I still can't believe it!

So... thank you, Leslie for taking care of the very first pet that I truly called my own. Thank you for giving him a happy life at the office. And thank you for promising a proper burial for Yoshi.

Yoshi the Fish


Anonymous said...

Such a tribute to a well loved fish. You are very welcome Kelly, he was well loved by everyone who has worked or works here as well by (like you said) the customers and their children. He will be truly missed., and yes he WILL get a proper burial, in a box, and buried by the flagpole.

jason said...

wow...a worthy tribute. who would have known that a 25-cent fish would rise above the price-tag placed on him by society to become the fish that he would become.

moment of silence

Dana and I actually had a beta while we were dating. We named him Sir Mixalot, Mix for short.

He did not last nearly as long as Yoshi.

jason said...

forgot this part - do we need to bust out the recorder and play "Greensleeves"?

Kandice said...

poor, sweet Yoshi... at least he had a full life... rounding his self-worth out to just over 2 cents a year! that's pretty FANTASTIC! :)

Jeremiah said...

just be glad his cappa wasnt detated from his head