Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday Fun

On Tuesday of this week, I celebrated my birthday. I am now 28 years old. I actually share my birthday with several friends-- my friends Dana, Joseph, Candice, and my little friend Nathan from church, who turned 5 on our special day. January 22 is a great day for a birthday.

I LOVE birthdays. And thanks to some inspiration from my mother-in-law, I now like to celebrate birthWEEK. BirthWEEK is SO much better than birthDAY. This is all beside the point.

I spent my birthday this year relaxing at home (we had a snow day!) and dining with friends that evening. At dinner, we all went around the table and shared some favorite birthday memories... I heard about Birthday Beach, pirate birthday parties, and really elaborate, wonderful plans made by spouses for their special one's, special day.

What are my favorite birthday memories? I have had some good ones. Here are a few (not listed in any kind of order):

1. The year I turned 23 and got engaged at the roller skating rink at my birthday party

2. The year I turned 19 and got an ice cream cake from my friend Sue-- I'd always wanted an ice cream cake!

3. The year I turned 18 and spent the week with my aunt D and my sister. We celebrated birthweek and had a BLAST! The week ended with a surprise party with a whole bunch of people from church.

4. The year I turned 3 (I think!) and had a REALLY awesome Little Orphan Annie birthday party at my dad's restaurant.

5. Last year's joint party with Dana-- "Party Like a Rockstar", complete with karaoke, fireworks, a fog machine, black lights, and of COURSE Guitar Hero- You can see pictures here.

6. The years we lived in Texarkana and I got to share birthday fun with my friend Carrie.

My LEAST favorite birthday was the year I turned 25 and was stuck in Baltimore, on an airplane, in a snowstorm-- and was forced to cancel my birthday party that night. Major bummer.

And oh yes. I almost forgot. I love to tell stories on my little sister. My sister Katherine, who is now 18, was a very funny child. That year that I turned 18 and spent the week with my aunt, my sister gave us a great reason to laugh. My aunt reminded me of this story the other day, so now I will share it with you. We were going out to eat one night and as we sat down to our meal, my aunt turned to my sister and said, "Katherine? Did you wash your hands?" Katherine responded with, "No ma'am. But I licked 'em." We quickly told Katherine that LICKING your hands is NOT at ALL the same as washing them. And then we proceeded to laugh hysterically.

Well, that hits a FEW of the highlights. Now share with me YOUR favorite birthday memory!!

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