Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Lawson Update

I suddenly remembered that a couple of weeks ago I said I would post occasional baby updates for those of you who read this blog.

Sorry to say, but there's nothing much to report right now. Today I am at 13 weeks... and I don't really have any signs of a pregnant belly yet... maybe a tiny little "pooch", but nothing major. As soon as I have a tummy, I'll post some photos.

I AM starting to feel a little better, which I am quite grateful for. I have had some pretty awful days, but this week, I've actually felt kind of normal-- almost back to my old self. :) That makes me happy!

According to, at week 13, the baby is about the size of a peach. So far, I think this is my favorite week. Because I am, afterall, an Efurd... and as an Efurd, my favorite fruit is the peach!

I have absolutely no idea of course if this little one will be a boy or a girl. I must admit that I'm a little jealous of my cousin Christin who found out yesterday that their newest addition is going to be a GIRL! And Jeremiah and Lindsay get to find out in exactly one week what their little bundle-of-joy is to be! But if I had to guess, I'd say it's a girl. Billy, on the other hand, keeps referring to the baby by the boy name we have picked out. We'll see who is right, come mid-March.

We finally move on Friday to Wilmore! Hooray! We'll eventually be setting up a nursery-- and let me tell you-- that is going to be an adventure, as Billy and I have realized that we have pretty different tastes in styles and decor. It's a good thing we've got 6+ more months to get it all together-- it may take us that long to find furniture and bedding that we BOTH like!

We go to the doctor again in 2 weeks (I think!). Nothing major will happen then. Just a basic check-up and another listen at the heartbeat. Which I am sure will still be fun. :) I'll be sure to give an update then.


Anonymous said...

What the heck are your differing nursery ideas? Does Billy want to spray paint the walls with a mural?


KellyLawson22 said...

ha! No, nothing like that! We did end up looking at some furniture online last night and actually found a few pieces that we both agreed on. So it's maybe not going to be as difficult as we initially thought. :)

Anonymous said...

Baby stuff is very different. There are so many ways to go. After spending so much time on my "nursery portfolio" I realized that Jeremiah likes more of a "baby" look than I do. Finding somewhere in the middle is hard isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I think this time we're going to make our own (actually, have someone else sew it for us after I pick out the material)! We'll see how that goes! Spencer is going to paint!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly, my name is Liz, and I'm a friend of the Aja's, who has been "secretly-admiring" your BLOG, for quite some time.....and finally came out of the closet, due to:

Paul Brogan!

I have just recently watched his superbowl "rap", and was reminded of how I ever learned of him, in the first place:

from your BLOG!

the one where you had several youtube videos, I believe, but I laughed til I cried watching this guy rapping about Kobe, and Steve, and Dirk, etc...HILARIOUS!!!

(note: Soup or Bowl, not quite as funny as his B-Ball ones, but, he still makes me giggle, no matter what).

thanks or sharing yourself, on the worldwide web! (and much congrats on baby-Lawson)!


Anonymous said...

Ahh Liz, I didn't see that rap. I will have to watch it! Stop stalking our friends.

Lindsay Aja

KellyLawson22 said...

Liz-- HILARIOUS. I'm so glad you came out of the closet on your blog-stalking. You know, the Ajas love this mysterious Liz Rice person, so I don't mind you stopping by! Ha!

And here momentarily, I'll be searching YouTube for this new Paul Brogan gem!! Thanks for the tip!