Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Funny Story.

I have a friend named Jada. She's 4 years old and she's the queen of sass. This is a conversation between Jada and Billy (who now wears a beard), this past Sunday:

Billy: Hey, Jada. Do you need help with that?
Jada: Hey Billy. What's that on your face?
Billy: It's a beard.
Jada: But Billy, you're not supposed to drink beer.

The end.


jason said...

yeah Billy! you're not supposed to drink beer!!

Jeremiah said...

LOVE the new blog title and the new pic of you and Blee.
awesome lessons are unnecessary for this blog, no question...

Shevawn said...

That story is hilarious! Your blog is awesome. We miss you over here in Texas! Give a shout out to your bearded hubby for me!

Love, Shevawn

P.S. Here's mine and Mark's blog address: markandshevawn.blogspot.com

Shannon said...