Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I love Rock & Roll!

I have a secret dream to be a rockstar. Or at least a karaoke champion. Oops. I guess it's not a secret anymore. Well, anyway-- it's a dream of mine. I sing when I'm driving in the car, I sing in the shower, I sing when I'm running around the house, getting ready for the day. I sing with gusto, people! I love to sing!

But sadly, God did not bless me with a beautiful voice. In fact, picture if you will, Sanjaya singing any number of his American Idol choices, and that's about where I stand. Not a good voice-- but I've certainly got a cute smile (Oh, and apparantly a big head, too).

Because this is the case, I NEVER sing in front of other people. Oh sure, I'll sing along to the radio if other friends are in the car-- but only if they're singing, too so that my voice can kind of blend in with all of the rest.

That is, until this past Sunday. Every year, on the last Sunday of September, our church has its annual Fall Festival. It's a lot of fun-- we get big inflatable toys (this year we had a velcro wall and a gigantic slide), a cotton candy machine and popcorn, and the whole church comes out for an afternoon of fun. We finish the day with a huge potluck dinner and a talent show.

Each year, in the talent show, the staff usually does some sort of skit or game or something. Last year (at my first VUMC Fall Festival), we couldn't quite get anything pulled together in time, but THIS year, we decided to do our own version of "Don't Forget the Lyrics". We had music. We had microphones, and the pastoral staff stood up front, in front of the 200 guests that were there, and competed against one another in a challenge of music and lyrics.

What happened is this: Someone would start a song, let it play for a while, and then they would pause it and it would be up to the contestant to provide the next line of the song.

I had a BLAST. Somehow, I had the courage to sing in front of those 200 people, and I even managed to win the competition! It was a BLAST and I loved being up there singing, and having fun with the rest of the church staff.

It was hilarious, perhaps. And no doubt off-key. But who cares? Sanjaya's personality got him pretty far, too.

Who's up for a night of karaoke?


L to the inzy said...

You said BLAST twice.

KellyLawson22 said...

yeah yeah. sometimes my vocabulary is small. i need a thesaurus.

jason said...

blast (noun, slang, synonymous with "high quality"; "awesome"; "fun time"; "enjoyable"; "uplifting"; "entertaining")

last year we didn't do it because some people are antonymous with the aforementioned qualities :)

Jeremiah said...

Sanjaya's personality did get him pretty far, very true...but, is this your way of saying there was a kid from the children's ministry that was weeping in the 3rd row?

Lindsay said...

Hey, lame-o update your blog!!! What are you doing, Greek or something?