Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's time to laugh, people.

YouTube is a great big black hole for me. How many hours have I wasted on this fabulous website? I'm sure I'd be embarassed for anyone (including myself) to know. I have this group of friends, and we used to spend evenings watching hilarious video after hilarious video on YouTube. And then watching them again. And rewinding them to our favorite part.

Our friend Jason is one of those friends. And in class the other day, we were discussing our favorite YouTube videos of all time. And we talked about the idea of showcasing these videos on our blogs. So I hope Jason will forgive me for "stealing" that idea. I'm sure his top list will be a little bit different than mine, though. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I have. I have a sneaking suspicsion that for most of you, they won't be brand new. These are modern day classics, really. But in case you haven't seen them, be prepared to laugh. Please note that the language in some of these is not "squeaky clean". But I wouldn't be embarassed to watch any of these with my mother-- and isn't that supposed to be the standard gauge for these sorts of things?

The Average Homeboy is what started it all. I would watch this over and over again and laugh at the ridiculousness of this guy. I'll refrain from giving all of my OWN commentary, and let you come up with your own thoughts. But PLEASE share them with me!

And then there were Whistler Tips. Oh, the Whistle Tips. Good ol' Bub Rub & Lil' Sis. I cannot tell you how many times my friends and I have quoted some of the classic lines from this video. Enjoy.

Not long afte we discovered the Whistler Tips, joy and laughter was added to our lives by the Leprechaun sighting in Mobile, AL.

And then there's sweet Cassie. Who will be ready if ever a monster appeared.

And while we're watching cute kids, how about this one?

And this one was shared with me during the height of the NBA season, when I was checking daily, and enjoying their success. This video is just plain funny. But it helps if you know the basketball players this guy talks about.

And finally, the fake David Blaine. This is high-quality. There is a Part 1 of this video, but to be honest, I can't handle the language and I don't think it's nearly as fun as this one. Big Whoop!

I hope you've enjoyed these silly little indulgences of mine.


jason said...

you cited your source - so it's all good :)

what we need to do know is take a clip from each one of these and make a "YouTube symphony" in Garage Band.

Something like..."I said I would kick his ask...he was injured, injured bad...WOO WOO!"

"It's just a demo"

jason said...

dude!! this average homeboy video is different - it's longer than any other one I have seen and includes even more gems - such as "don't get me wrong/ i am content / it is shiny red / without a dent"

i'm blazed

Jeremiah said...

LOVE the idea...Bub Rub and Lil' Sis - how could i ever live without these two entering a convo at least monthly?

great post - thanks for a greatest hits/best of quick link

KellyLawson22 said...

I LOVE the YouTube Symphony idea. I'll get Billy to start working on that one right away.

And I too loved the new Average Homeboy full cut! It's brilliant. And it's sure to get just about anyone blazed.

jason said...

just for the record, we were not talking about them during class, but during a break in class

Kandice said...

thanks for the barrel of laughs today... i still think that the david blaine bit is the best!

jason said...

so I know that I have made entirely too many comments on this one blog entry - but I wanted you to know two things. First, average homeboy has a website - - which includes this "message to the haters" (

as well as a list of top ten characteristics of an average homeboy - i am 8/10

Shannon said...

If you can harass me and tell me when it's time to update my blog, I can do the same to you:

update! update! update! update!