Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New notebooks & folders!

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Do you ever get those silly little email/internet surveys that your friends send around (Full Name? Time you started this survey? Favorite Food? Any tattoos?), only so they can have the opportunity to answer the questions about themselves and inflict this meaningless information upon their friends (you)? Well, I'm a sucker for those. For some reason, I love getting them (only I actually do enjoy learning about my friends), I enjoy answering them, and I enjoy sending them on to people in hopes that they'll oblige and answer the questions. Don't hate me for loving them.

I'm a dork.

One of my favorite questions that is often included in these silly little surveys is this: What is your favorite day of the year?

Most people answer this question with things like, "My birthday. Christmas. Easter. The day my Income Tax Refund comes in the mail."

Not me. My answer is without question: The first day of school.

I've always LOVED the first day of school. What interesting people am I going to meet this semester? Who am I going to sit next to in class? What are my teachers/professors like? Who will I eat lunch with? Oh my goodness! I am about to make the first mark in my fabulous brand-new notebook! What? I have a matching folder, too? What a good day.

As previously stated, I am a dork.

Nonetheless, I am SUPER excited about the first day of class. It's just around the corner, and I've waited all summer for it. Bring on the work. I'm rested and ready. Just don't ask me how I'm doing on Day 2. Pretty much guaranteed that the excitement will have faded. :)

I'd like to know: do you have any memorable first-day-of-school stories to share?


jason said...

Two things. I get tremendously excited about the first day of school for real. I get excited when I get syllabi and I think about the awesome stuff I am going to learn. There are few things more exciting than the first time a pilot g-2 pen touches a sheet of college-ruled paper. (fingers touching the keys don't have the same magic - but are more appreciated come test time - thank you "find" tool!)

I do NOT get excited about the first day of school because I am afraid that no one I know will be in my class. I am a closet introvert and I am always afraid I will end up sitting by myself with no one to talk to. Plus, nothing (and I MEAN NOTHING) gets me more nervous than introducing myself in front of a class. I would rather preach a sermon in front of one thousand people, or lead youth group than introduce myself in front of 25-30 of my peers. Why? I don't know - but inevitably the sweaty palms, the fast heartbeat, and the nervous "what do I say? do I try to be funny or go with the standard?? what if I'm not funny?" drama monologue goes through my mind. everytime.

oh yeah - to answer your question - first day of freshman year I got my classes mixed up and went to 2nd period first. yeah - the kids all laughed. ha ha.

Scott & Carissa said...

some people who knew me in elementary school say that i wore bright pink hammer pants to the first day of 3rd grade. i honestly have no recollection of this. probably something about "repressed memories."
on the other hand, i happen to ADORE school supplies. i've been known to spend inordinate amounts of money on my favorites: markers, post-its (have you seen the new half sheet size? omg!) and notebooks. love notebooks. oh. and pens. love pens. :) too bad i don't go to school! i get jealous of all the little kids & their super cool lists of supplies given by the teachers. i wish someone would give me a list of things i "had" to buy!!

Scott & Carissa said...

apparently we should have blogged on our own blogs about this, judging by the longwinded comments.

Kristin said...

I love that the beginning of a school year means a new slate for the year. I also love buying school supplies for my students at the great prices that Target and Walmart have right before school starts. I actually went so overboard last year that I didn't need to buy anything this year (execpt for a 24 pack of sharpies for myself that was only $10!).

Love your new background. I hope you have a great school year!

Martha Powell said...

Here is my survey question: How is the post-surgical dog?