Saturday, July 21, 2007

Camp Adventures!

This week, I was at camp... I spent the week with 35 5th & 6th graders at Aldersgate Camp in Ravenna, KY. I was a counselor at one of Aldersgate's Elementary camps this week. All in all a good experience... good kids, good times, and lots of movement by a good God. However, here are some of the less-than-wonderful experiences I had this week at camp:

- There was a skunk in the bathhouse on the first night. He didn't spray, but he was roaming around in there, which of course freaked the kids out. We had to postpone shower time until maintenance could come and chase the skunk away.

- The dean of the elementary camp, John, killed a Copperhead snake on the first night of camp, on the walkway in front of our cabins. It was an agressive snake that chased John down the road and showed its fangs to him. As soon as it did that and John saw venom drip from his teeth, he really had no choice but to kill it. He did the job with a big stick.

- There was a (non-poisonous) snake actually IN one of the other girls' cabins one day. It wasn't in MY cabin, but it made me paranoid that there soon would be a snake in my bed.

- In the other girls cabin, there was a mouse.

- We had a giant spider in our cabin one night. Not a huge deal, but it certainly freaked me out, because it really was big-- and I don't know my spider classifications. How was I to know if it was harmless or not?

- One Wednesday, we saw 5 helicopters flying overhead. Turns out, they were trying to locate a black bear that was on the loose in the area.

- There were 2 skunks that approached our campfire on Thursday night. It pretty much ruined worship, because the mood was totally killed by the screaming kids.

- There was some pretty severe weather on Thursday night. I didn't feel incredibly safe in our little wooden cabin.

One of these days, once I have recovered, I'll have to tell tales of the GOOD times I had at camp. :) Stay tuned.



Scott said...

God's creation was definitely apparent at this camp it sounds like :) All you needed was "Wild America" theme song to finish out the week!

Scott & Carissa said...

yeah, i'm thinking that this experience prepared you for our Ultimate Camping Experience. (What I dubbed our soon to be planned trip!) UCE.
Call soon!! We missed yoU!

The Ajatties said...

Holy cow, you are a better person than me. The Martins can be your camping friends cause we out!

Kandice said...

Oh wow... I would have been hitch hiking myself back to civilization in no time. Yikes.