Saturday, June 23, 2007

Take the Plunge - Recap

Vacation Bible School is over. Okay, sort of. Tomorrow the kids will sing 2 of their songs in church, but after that, another year of VBS will be behind us. But hopefully the message of Living Water won't be forgotten.

We had an amazing time at VBS. 95 kids participated. We had excellent leaders and excellent teachers. Props to Nikki Branham for the amazing job she did with Bibleland Bay. And this year's crafts? Pam Crowell and Kathy Young provided the best VBS crafts of all time-- wind chimes, candles, bath salts, bird feed. Stuff people would actually use and enjoy.

Day 1. Plunge into Obedience. The miraculous catch of fish.

On Day 1, we introduced our missions project. We were, through a "loose change" drive, raising money for WorldVision's Clean Water Fund to provide clean water for Angolan school kids. There are a lot of kids in Angola who miss school because of the contaminated water at their schools. So... for $100 you can provide water treatment tablets for up to 500 kids for one year.

We introduced our goal. By the week's end, were going to try to raise $100. At the end of Day 1, we had raised $30. Not a bad start. Day 2-- the total was $171.00!! We had reached our goal. We set a new goal of $225, but by Day 3, the kids had brought in $302.00. So I stopped setting new goals and decided to see where we would end up. On Day 5, I go to announce that we had reached $500! That's $100 per DAY at Vacation Bible School-- with kids just bringing in the loose change they found around the house (and no doubt, a few contributions from Mom & Dad).

And the thing is, these kids were SO excited about helping kids in African schools have clean water. They weren't just giving to see who could bring in the most money (there was a girls vs. boys contest)-- they were talking about how they knew they were serving God and making a difference in kids' lives by bringing what money they had.

Day 2. Plunge into Worship. Woman at the Well.

Day 3. Plunge into Courage. Jesus Calms a Storm.

Day 4. Plunge into Faith. Jesus Walks on Water

Day 5. Plunge into Service. Jesus Washes the Disciples' Feet.

A big thanks to Andrea Baker for being our guest speaker on our Plunge into Service day. She and her husband Andy and kids Eli and Luke serve God through Word Made Flesh Ministries in Bolivia (

We got to end the week by having a closing program and party. At the closing, the kids sang and did their memory verses. And at the party at Falling Springs we got to Take the Plunge by swimming! It was very fun.

I love VBS. It's exhausting, but it is very fun. It is my prayer that we would ALL (Me and the kids both!) continue to "Plunge" deeper into God' word and plunge deeper into service to Him and His people.

Thanks for your prayers. Pictures will post soon.

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That is awesome to hear Kelly. Thanks for sharing.