Monday, June 4, 2007

Goodbye to You!

(I really just like that "Scandal" song of the same name, so that's why I titled this post as such). I'm really not saying goodbye to anyone... except Texas.

Tomorrow we begin the LONG journey home. It's funny really to even say that. Kentucky is our home now and a year and a half ago I never thought it would feel that way. Then, when I spoke of home, I was referring to Texas. Well, wherever home is, tomorrow we will spend 13+ hours in the car on an incredibly exhausting journey.

We've had a good time. Just as we suspected, our visit was too short. We only got to see family--no friends, and not even ALL the family at that. But we are grateful for the time we've had. Billy's birthday is Wednesday so we had a couple of early celebrations here for him-- 2 birthday cakes, 1 iPod, cash, and the many well-wishes are all greatly appreciated.

Mom and Grandma were gracious enough to send us home with gas money. I'm quite certain we didn't have to pay for even one meal.

On the downside-- 2 of my family members told me I looked pregnant. THANKS! That's just what every girl, self-conscious of the weight she has gained, needs to hear. Ah well.

Goodbye Texas. Until next time...

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Kandice said...

Texas misses you already, Kelly! Billy, I'm glad you had a good birthday...should have made that wife of yours churn out some homemade ice cream for the occasion. :) And btw, you DON'T look pregnant... they're just wishfully thinking outloud because you guys would make such great parents.