Friday, May 25, 2007

Random Ramblings of Good Things

I've got great friends. I mean, really great friends. I am grateful for each and everyone of them. I mean, really. Do I deserve to have such great friends? No. But God has blessed my life with them anyway. I'm glad.

I get to go to Texas in 6 days. And in 8 days I get to see my sister walk accross the stage and graduate from high school. Interestingly, I've not been to a high school graduation since my own in 1998, because Robert E. Lee High School's graduations are incredibly long and boring. There were 700 people in my graduating class, and I'm sure my sister's will be around the same size. Still, this is a huge milestone, and I couldn't be more excited to be there with her in this big moment.

I have a new nephew. His name is Logan, and in 6 days, I get to meet him.

My grades for the semester are slowly but surely getting posted online and so far, this semester has turned out to be not too shabby.

Could the Season finale of The Office have ended any better? I don't think so. I woke up the next morning thinking about Jim and Pam as though they were real people. I did find out that The Office will be airing 30 new episodes next season, as opposed to their usual 22. I have mixed feelings about that. I mean, I LOVE The Office and 30 new episodes and a lot fewer reruns does sound pretty great. But with 30 episodes to write, do you think they won't be as quality? Maybe a little too much bathroom humor, just to get a cheap laugh? We'll see. It's something to consider, and my friends pointed that out recently.

I had a little car trouble the other day and the check engine light came on. Immediate sick feeling in my stomach. The last time a check engine light came on, it was in our other car--$2300 later, the car had a new engine. Claim denied by the warranty company. I have a warranty on the Camry, too but when I took it to the shop I wasn't feeling too hopeful that the warranty would be of any use. Turns out it was and they totally paid for the work done on the car. What a great feeling-- a warranty that's actually worth something.

I'm happy in Kentucky today. Nothing exciting to report or talk about. But I'm happy, and that's good.


Scott & Carissa said...

Just plain happy days are important days. I like those too. :) Its fun to celebrate every last one of the good things- little ones or enormous ones.

Anonymous said...

hey, Kelly..haven't quite figured out how to post without it being anonymous. I like random happy days're going to post pictures of Mr Logan, aren't you?? I know you will :-) and Katherine too!! I still can't believe she is graduating..

Anonymous said...

guess it would be helpful (??) to know who posted that last's me, LESLIE! if you find the time while in your Texas, stop by the office and say hello :-)

Neener said...

Why are you hitting up Texas? And I never understood what "Tooleyville" is.