Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Post Office Woes

Well, I suppose I now have an actual reason to check my mailbox more frequently than twice a week. I don't why I don't check the mail everyday-- I have to drive by the mailbox to get to my front door, but most of the time I just keep driving.

Well, this past Friday, I opened my mailbox, and found a bright green slip of paper inside (and oddly enough, I had no other mail in the box, which was certainly strange). The green piece of paper read: "Notice: We have been notified that this address is vacant. All mail from 544 Wichita Drive has been forwarded to the address which was provided to the United States Postal Service."

Excuse me? I don't actually remember turning in a forwarding address form, nor do I remember moving. I called my landlord and she said, "Oh yeah, your next door neighbor moved out. I bet they got it mixed up."

Of course I hadn't checked my mail since Tuesday, so I had no way of knowing when our mail was removed and forwarded-- to who knows where?

I faced a dilemma. It was 4:53 p.m. on Friday. I did not have time to get to the Post Office before they closed. I decided to call. The problem is that the only number listed in the phone book or online is the main toll-free number for the USPS--I couldn't find a number for our local branch. Time was ticking. I called the main number, fought my way through the automated system, and finally got the number for the Nicholasville Post Office. It was 4:59 p.m. I hung up, dialed the number, and of course I got the answering machine.

So... on that same green form, it had a place for the "new resident" to list the names of all of the members of the household that would be receiving mail. I took it as an opportunity to remind the USPS that we had never moved and that the residents were and always have been the Lawsons. I told them that we would kindly appreciate the return of regular mail delivery and for the mail forwarding to cease.

And by Monday we had our mail. But who knows what other mail was forwarded, or to where it was forwarded. Oh well.

These are the adventures of our lives in Tooleyville. Just another funny little tale to tell.

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