Monday, April 23, 2007

Anxiety Strikes Again!

I'm just pausing for a moment from my entirely-too-insane life in hopes that once again this blog will serve as some sort of therapeudic release for me. How does this happen? What is is about myself that just sort of draws busyness in? I know we're all busy. But somehow I only ever realize I'm TOO busy after it's already too late. I don't ever see it coming and then I get anxious and overwhelmed. And when I am anxious and overwhelmed, I tend to be a bit of a jerk to people or I don't pay attention to Billy or anyone else, or something else equally ridiculous.

So. In the midst of my busyness, Billy and I got out of town on Saturday for a much-needed change of scenery. We went with our friends Rob & Kat, Thad, and Seth & Laura to the Red River Gorge (about an hour away in the Daniel Boone National Forest) for some rock climbing. Yes, rock climbing. Now, I enjoy rock climbing and when we lived in Dallas LOVED to go to the climbing gym. But this past Saturday was my first experience with real rock. I'm not sure that an indoor climbing gym will ever do again. I had a GREAT time on Saturday. Red River Gorge? More like Red River GORGEous (I can't claim that pun as my own, by the way). The scenery was amazing. And of course, I'm a rock star. Literally. I climbed the heck out of those rock walls. I can't wait to go back. I'd like to get better at climbing and would like to eventually attack some harder climbs.

I will post some pictures soon. Hopefully by the end of this week. In the meantime, check out the Red River Gorge website (


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