Monday, March 19, 2007

Columbus was an explorer!

Well I'm 10 pounds heavier (not really) because of all of the Blue Bell I've eaten these past few days, but I'm doing okay.

Had a great weekend of exploration, fun, responsibility, and everything in between. We were blessed on Friday by an unexpected gift of cash in the mail. We looked at the money and thought to ourselves, "What fun things could we buy with THIS?!". Our eyes glossed over and I dreamed of The Gap and I'm sure Billy was dreaming of Best Buy. We snapped back into reality and decided instead to go to the bank and put the money in savings. A lot less fun, but a whole lot smarter than a shopping spree. We had a little bit of cash left from Christmas that we never did anything with, so we took that with us. We walked away from the bank and thought, "Wow, if our car breaks down or something else comes up, we won't have to freak out. We could actually pay for it." It's a good thing.

After the bank, we departed for our Day of Rock with our friends Jeremiah (link to his blog is to the right) and Lindsay. They are from California and oh-so-much-fun! We headed 3 hours north to Columbus, OH to see bands Sherwood, Mae, and Relient K. We didn't stay for Relient K, because the real reason we were there was to rock out to some Sherwood (link to their site is also to the right). The guys in Sherwood are also from California, and are friends of Jeremiah & Lindsay. As I glanced around the place and saw mostly a crowd of teenagers (and their parents), I was reminded of the "good ol' days" when I was a teenager and spent the spring and summer going to concerts. It was fun to be able to afford ticket after ticket and to spend my money on t-shirts and CDs at the shows-- which is precisely what these youngsters were doing. But then I thought of all of those concert t-shirts I've thrown away over the years. I think I maybe have 1 left in my closet at home these days. Clearly, concert tees were not a good investment.

After the show, we walked through downtown Columbus (and unBELIEVABLY clean city!) and had dinner at BD's Mongolian grill. A fabulous place that reminded us of Dallas--we had a BD's about a mile from our home there. It is always good to share the table with friends. We laughed about how random it was that we were eating dinner in downtown Columbus, OH at 10:00 p.m. These are the great things that lasting memories are made of.

Here's a pic of downtown Columbus:

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Jeremiah said...

*nodding in agreement and smiling the WHOLE time while reading the latest post*

NEXT time, i'll get us 4 tix and we will get in early, hang out with all the guys before the show, rock out closer to the front - all for just FREE ninety-nine.

Back to 'brew quiz studying...