Thursday, March 15, 2007

So long, Diet! Blue Bell is here!

Blue Bell Ice Cream has finally made its way to Kentucky!!! After one year here with no good substitute for Blue Bell's creamy goodness, it is finally here! It's a brand new development this week. Billy and I are both VERY excited.

I will talk to you later, dear friends. I've got to get to Kroger. :)

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Beth Henderson said...

Don't you have Graeter's there in KY? In my experience, it tops all other ice creams by a mile! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly..some people may not think that Blue Bell is exciting but the Sorrels/Russell family(ies) would 100% agree that it is!! Daniel and Allison are even going to Brenham, Tx in July for the 100yr anniversary party. So glad that we can keep tabs on what you and Billy are up to in KY by reading your blog, and glad to see that all is well

Kandice said...

so excited for you friend! :) have some vanilla for me!