Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tonight I will dream of Dyson

Holy Buckets! Let me tell you a story. I mean, let me tell you a TRUE story. I own a dog. Probably the sheddingest dog on the face of the planet. I can't STAND the dog hair that is constantly embedded into my carpet. I can't sit on the floor without picking up on my clothes an entire coat of Riley's hair. I can't walk on the kitchen floor without seeing little hairballs gathered in the corners. It seems I am constantly running the vacuum cleaner. And vacuuming seems pointless.

But tonight, my friends, I borrowed our friends' Dyson. Yes, that's right. A $500 vacuum cleaner. They got it as a wedding gift this summer, and tonight they let me bring it home. I couldn't wait to get home so I could vacuum my carpet. When was the last time YOU were excited about vacuuming?! I flipped the "on" switch and couldn't believe my ears. It was so quiet. Riley didn't even get scared. She usually runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction every time I pull out the vacuum. And THEN, I couldn't believe my eyes. You would not believe how clean my carpets are now. There's almost no evidence that we even have a dog. You know, aside from the fact that she's actually in the room. I wonder what would happen if I vacuumed Riley with the Dyson...

So yeah. $500 for a vacuum. For me, the hater of Riley's hair, I could almost justify the cost. Next item on our wish list: $$ for a Dyson. Any and all contributions are welcome. :) For now, I will just have to dream.


Kandice said...

oh friend,i am SO with you on this one... do you think there's a black market we can buy them from? you know, like canal street in NYC? stolen dysons looking for a good home?... i guess it would look kind of obvious rolling down the sidewalk with a dyson (and goodness you might get mugged for one!), but surely there's a way...

Martha Powell said...

Dear Kelly:

Do you know what Riley's sister Annie does when OUR Dyson is turned on?

She runs to the hall bathroom and jumps into the bathtub to wait until it is over.

Annie takes tornadoes seriously, even if they are contained inside a purple plastic vacuum cleaner!