Sunday, February 4, 2007


Well, I ended up NOT going to work on Friday. I got up, got dressed, opened the door, and saw before me a Winter Wonderland of snow. It was snowing pretty hard for a while, and I had heard there was a 7-mile backup on the road I take into work. So I decided to make Friday a "work from home" day. Yesterday (Saturday), was a gorgeous (but cold) day, with no new snow, but this morning when we woke up, new snow was waiting on the ground. When I left for church this morning (around 7 a.m.), I was a little frightened to be on the road. We couldn't even tell where the lanes were on the highway. I think this snow was a little unexpected, so the salt trucks weren't quite ready. We made it to church safe and sound, and it has really turned out to be a beautiful day. I mean, besides the fact that it is 3 p.m., 21 degrees outside with a wind chill of 8. Tomorrow's HIGH is 16 degrees. Yikes. No worries. It's warming up to 22 on Tuesday. :)

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