Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Rice Cooker and a rocket from scratch!

Well, how many appliances can a person have in their kitchen before they go mad?! I don't really know the answer to that question, but I was just given one more appliance. For Valentine's Day, Billy got me a rice cooker. That may sound silly, but really, it's a great gift. We don't really celebrate Valentine's Day (I only got him a card), so I wasn't actually expecting to get anything.

I love rice! If I could eat rice with every meal, I totally would! But I haven't cooked a lot of rice lately because it is way too much trouble to cook on top of the stove. It sticks to the bottom of the pan, and the water doesn't ever absorb evenly. But let me tell you-- in my rice cooker, I have cooked THE most amazing rice. It doesn't stick and it's evenly cooked. Hooray!

The only drawback of course is that now I have one more kitchen appliance to store. We managed to find space for it, though.

A couple of weeks ago, Billy got a citation for driving with expired tags on his car (I've previously posted the adventures of getting the new license plates). We thought, "Great. Here's one more thing we can't afford." I went to the courthouse on Monday in order to pay the citation for Billy. He is at work during the hours the courthouse is open, so I went for him. So... the lady looked at the citation, looked at my receipt for having gotten new license plates, and dismissed the citation. It was a great day. I couldn't believe she dismissed it. Our vehicle registration had been out for almost 6 months. But hey, I won't argue.

This weekend we built rockets. Well... sort of. We aren't finished with them yet. It turns out that building a rocket entirely from scratch is quite an involved process. The body of my rocket is made from a papertowel roll, and the fins are made from some playing cards I cut. The engine mount is made from some cardboard that I cut, and it's got a real Estes Rocket Engine in it. The tip of my rocket is made from half a plastic Easter egg. The rocket still needs to be painted, and I've got to still somehow attach a parachute. But it is well on it's way to lift-off! I will definitely post pictures as soon as it is finished.

Well, I need to get going. I'm helping cook tacos for 75 people this evening at church. But before that I have to finish planning my lesson for my kids tonight.


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