Monday, February 12, 2007

New Semester, New Desks, Kentucky License Plates, and Corrine Bailey Rae

I have officially survived my first week of the new semester. Classes began this past Tuesday and I've now had the chance to "size up" my professors, classmates, and coursework. I am feeling very optimistic about the semester ahead. My very first class of the semester was Hebrew, and I must admit that I wanted to cry a little bit after walking away from that first class. I sat down and we did a whirlwind review of the first Hebrew course that first day and forged ahead with the quiz schedule (weekly) and the other assignments. By the end of the semester, I will have translated the book of Jonah, as well as completed several other translations and assignments. The problem with all of this is that I took the first Hebrew course a year ago. I wasn't planning on taking this current course (because it is not required for my degree plan) but decided I'd like to give it a whirl. So here I am, one year later, and much of my Hebrew vocabulary has somehow escaped my brain. Despite that, I still look forward to the rest of the semester. Some friends and I have formed a study group, and as I sat down to complete the first homework assignment, I realized that I actually remembered a lot more of my Hebrew than I initially thought. This is going to be fun.

Last semester I struggled quite a bit with my Church History course. You might even say I hated it. Okay, hate is a strong word. I just really did NOT like it. This semester I am taking Church History 2 and feeling a little better about it. Though I am already drowning in reading, it's gotten a little more interesting somehow and I am feeling good about my class and my professor. There are only 14 of us in there (I am one of only 2 women!) and it already seems like a fun group. My professor has given us ALL of the essay questions for ALL of our exams already, so if we prefer taking essay tests, we can go ahead and get started on them. However, if we prefer more objective testing, he has said we can come to class on exam day and take a short-answer exam. I'm pretty excited about that.

Finally, I am taking a Philosophy of Christian Religion course. I'm loving my professor already.

In the title of this post, I've given mention to "new desks". Yes, this is a very important milestone in my graduate school career. Ha! Billy and I bought new (matching) desks over the weekend and are getting rid of the gigantic desk that used to occupy the majority of the wall and floor space in our study. It was a weird height and a weird set up, so basically it was not at all a functional workspace for me. I usually ended up writing my papers and doing my work at the kitchen table or at the library-- both annoying options. At the library I got a lot done, but that meant I wasn't at home. At the kitchen table, the workspace was temporary-- every time meal time came around (even if I was in the middle of working) I had to pack up everything and move it out of the way in order to eat (we don't eat on our couches, so the table is where we actually eat every day). After eating, I would have to get everything back out again. So now... we have 2 smaller desks in the study and have rearranged the whole room so it feels more like a study/guest room instead of the "Lawson junk room". My life is so much more organized now and already I feel great.

Okay, on to the Kentucky license plate situation. It is an absolute pain in the REAR to get a car registered from another state to Kentucky. We've been messing with it off and on since our Texas registration expired THIS SUMMER. We've been "riding dirty", if you will, with expired tags on BOTH of our cars. It's risky, yes. But the County Clerk's office keeps weird hours and there are weird forms to fill out and a Sherrif's inspection to get, and all kinds of things. Plus, because there is a lein the Camry, I had to wait 90 days for Carmax to send the courthouse the title. SO. Today was going to be the day of car registration for the Camry. I went to the clerk's office, got some forms, went to the Sherriff's office and got my inspection done (waited in very long lines to accomplish all of this of course), went BACK to the county clerk's office to show them my inspection. The woman fills out all of the paperwork and says, "I can't register your car. Your husband has to be here, too." Blah. I say, "My husband works during the hours you guys are open. He can't be here." So she says we can go to a notary and sign the paperwork in front of a notary and then come back and get the car regisitered. So tomorrow I get to go back. I'm SOOOOO excited to wait in those lines again. Wahoo! But HOPEFULLY tomorrow, both cars will be registered in Jessamine County, Kentucky. FINALLY.

Finally, I also gave mention in the subject line to Corrine Bailey Rae. My friend Tanya sent me her CD for my birthday and I've just LOVED it! If you haven't checked her out, you should. I recommend it. It's sort of a different and fresh sound, and I like it.

Peace out, homies.

All my love...

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Wow. Does sound like a pain... but congrats on the new desks!