Thursday, February 22, 2007

I am thawing out...

Well, after a few weeks of very cold weather (highs in the teens and twenties), it is finally starting to warm up here. It was in the 50s yesterday, which, after weeks of cold, felt like summer. This is the first place I've lived where I've experienced REAL seasons in the weather, and that has been fun.

You all know that I work as a Children's Pastor. I think that yesterday was the worst day I've had on the job. I work at a fairly small church, so we don't have a ton of kids, but last night for our Wednesday night activities, I had 10 or 12 1st & 2nd grade BOYS. No girls. Just boys. And very active boys at that. By the end of our meeting time, I felt like I had been beat up or something. It was really exhausting. I'm not sure what to do with that many first and second grade boys... who by the way, are all really good friends and really good at distracting one another. Let me know if you have some brilliant ideas. My preschoolers did well, and my 3rd through 5th graders did pretty well, too. I just think that 1st & 2nd grade is a different sort of animal, if you will.

Today I will go to class and then my Hebrew study group. Then I will work out. My workouts have been very frustrating. I'm not sure I'm doing the right sorts of things. I'm only going 4 times per week (which is a lot for me, since I basically don't really have time to do even that much), and for a little more than an hour each time. Somehow I've managed to lose no weight or see any noticable difference in my appearance. I've also given up sodas and have TRIED to change my eating habits, so I am not sure what is going on and why I'm not losing any weight. I've only been at this for about a month, so I guess it's still pretty early, but shouldn't I be seeing some change here?? I find it very unlikely that I would be gaining exactly as much weight in muscle that I am losing in fat. Despite the "no results", I still manage to faithfully go. I guess it's time to "bump it up a notch".

This weekend Billy and I are going on a marriage retreat with Spouse & Family Ministries at the seminary. We are really looking forward to it. We will be going to a hotel in Lexington for the retreat, and everyone we know who has been before says it is an absolute blast. This is actually the first marriage retreat Billy and I will have attended. Should be fun. We'll give a full report when we get back.

I must go now and finish getting ready for the day ahead. I'm feeling very weary.


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David and Leah Beth said...


We're sorry to see you go from MySpace, though I have to say that I'm close to doing the same thing for the same reason.

If you want to have a listening ear, you might talk/email Leah Beth, who has gone through the same workout frustrations that you are experiencing. Just FYI.

Hope you and Billy are warm and swell (or swell and warm).