Thursday, December 7, 2006

Welcome to Tales from Tooleyville!

Hello, all. I have created this blog to keep our far away friends updated on life for the Lawsons. Don't expect me to say anything particularly profound. This is mostly an online journal, so that should you want to know what happens from week-to-week, day-to-day, you can easily find that information.

I realize I'm not that great at keeping up with everyone-- friends, family, etc. so this is an attempt to keep you informed.

So here we go: Day One

I am in the midsts of finals-- finishing up my second semester at Asbury Seminary ( This has been a particularly trying semester for me and I look forward to its end. I still do love Asbury, and we are incredibly glad we are here-- this semester has just been difficult. I took on way too much in regards to my course load. I have taken classes that I probably should not have taken together, simply because they are all so intense and time-consuming. I am somehow surviving, and will officially be finished next Thursday.

I will have a couple of weeks off, before starting back up in January. In January, I am taking what is called a J-term course-- it is just for the month of January, and crams an entire semester's worth of work into 4 weeks... it works out because instead of going to class 3 hours a week like during the regular semester, I'll go to class 3 hours a day for these 4 weeks. It's a cross-cultural studies class, that should be pretty interesting. I'm excited about it. The spring semester will pick up in early February. In the spring, I will take Church History 2, Philosophy of Christian Religion, and my second Hebrew course. I'm REALLY looking forward to the spring semester.

Billy and I have both been sick the past couple of days. I've had chest congestion and a cough, while Billy has had food poisoning of some sort. He's feeling much better now, and I wish I could say the same for myself. It's just that time of year-- I get sick around this time (the start of winter) every year. The timing just stinks because it sucks the energy right out of me, and I need all of the energy I can get to get through finals.

I am still working at the church as the Children's Pastor. I love my kids. Tonight, I had asked one of my 1st graders, Chance, if he would join the rest of the group in the project we were working on, and he said, "Yes Miss Pastor Kelly. But I really need to hug you first." I mean, really, people. I have the cutest, sweetest, most adorable kids. But I have to admit that chasing around 20 kids on a Wednesday night is good birth control for me. Oh, how I love sending them home to their parents at the end of the evening. :)

Billy is still working for the University of Kentucky. He loves going to work everyday, and I love that he loves it.

Our little dog Riley is still with us, though she has been causing quite a bit of trouble for us lately. She is just not content to be an inside dog, so we are desperately trying to find a place with a fenced-in yard. Here in Kentucky, fenced-in yards are quite rare, so this is a more difficult task than it sounds. You know what all of this means, right? Keep your address books handy-- there may be yet another address for the Lawsons. Maybe someday we'll buy a house and put some roots down somewhere. But not quite yet. In the meantime, use pencil in your address book. :)

Well, I must get to bed-- I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and my body is desperate for rest.



fanofdonald said...

KELLY!!! Greetings from T-town. Glad to see that there is now an official place to check in on the Lawsons..good to hear that everythign is going well. This Sat is the Big ETHE Christmas concert so the week has been full of stress and rehearsals in preparation. Keep up the blog!! will continue to check in ya'll!! Tell Billy I said Hello!

Kandice said...

interesting that in the midst of "finals" you have time to set up a blog...procrasinate much? :) j/k. welcome to the dark side. i'm glad we have a way to keep up on eachother instead of playing phone tag. hope you're feeling better soon!