Thursday, December 14, 2006

The semester is over!!

Well, after a grueling past few days, the semester is finally over. Oh, how I've longed for this day. I am exhausted!

The semester ended on a very good note. Today I received the grade back on one of my final papers. I got a perfect score! Not only did I get a perfect score, but my professor even asked for an electronic copy of my paper and permission to use my paper as a model for his future classes. I am humbled, and feel that my professor is perhaps being a little too gracious. However, I rejoice in the acceptance of this huge compliment.

We will celebrate the end of the semester tonight with the special one-hour episode of The Office, and you guessed it... Cupcake Day! Cupcake Day is a new addition to our celebratory festivities, and tonight will mark it's inauguration. Cupcake Day will of COURSE be shared with a few more relieved and exhausted seminary friends-- the Beasley-Browns and the Ajas.

Tomorrow night, DATE NIGHT, we will be at The Dame, a downtown club in Lexington, listening to the tunes of one of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine.

I am resigning to my bed for a couple of hours now. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night because of an assignment I had to finish, and that pillow looks awfully inviting...

Be blessed!

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