Sunday, December 10, 2006

Little Debbies & Pie Day

I'm taking a break from studying for my Church History final right now. My brain needs a rest, as I've been cramming for several hours now. Not a super exciting weekend for the Lawsons, but here's the recap:

Friday night date night: dinner and laundry. Billy was recovering from being sick earlier this week and I had pulled an all-nighter earlier in the week to finish an assignment for school. It seems that neither one of us could muster up enough energy to do dinner AND a movie. :) Dinner was nice and we had a very exciting conversation at dinner, which I love!

Saturday I woke up early and starting reading for Church History, while Billy made a ton of phone calls trying to find us a new place to live. WHY are there no fenced in yards in Kentucky?!? Even if we were to buy a house (yeah, right!), very few have yards. Hopefully something will come of the 20 phone calls we made...

We then went to see "The Nativity Story" with some of my kids from church. Good movie, pretty intense. I'd recommend it, but not if you have small children. Let's face it-- the culture in which our heroes Mary & Joseph lived was quite different than our own, and there are some things that young children might not be ready to see. Plus, Elizabeth & Mary both give birth, and well... it's childbirth, and childbirth without meds, so that's pretty intense. If you want more info on the movie, let me know.

After the movie we went to Old Navy to treat ourselves to one new shirt each, for the season. We realized that since we moved here a year ago, neither one of us had purchased new clothes. Clothes shopping is not really a big part of our budget right now, so it was a fun treat to be able to buy something new. And we found great sales, so we actually got to buy two new shirts each. Ah, the adventures of being a struggling seminary student! Isn't life fun? :)

Today was church. It was a good day and I got to hang out with my kids which is always fun and ALWAYS entertaining. They say some of the funniest things. And in children's church, we got to watch a clip from "The Princess Bride". That always makes for a good time.

We came home tonight to find a box of Little Debbie Christmas tree snacks in front of our door. Billy has earned the nickname of "Little Debbie" by some of our friends here. Billy was invited to a "guys poker night "(Don't worry-- poor seminarians don't gamble real money away-- just chips!) by a group of guys a few weeks ago-- a group of guys that we didn't know very well, but Billy was excited to get to know. At any rate, they were all instructed to bring whatever food they wanted, whatever food their wives might not usually encourage them to eat. My Billy showed up with Little Debbie snacks... not just a few-- no, he came with boxes and boxes of Little Debbie snacks. They were a huge hit. Anyway, these guys quickly discovered that Billy Lawson is hilarious and decided he was a lot of fun to hang out with. So now when I show up for class, I'm often greeted with an excited "Hey, Kelly. How's Little Debbie?"

Anyway, Little Debbie snacks mysteriously appeared today for Billy. He was pleased.

One last thing: PIE DAY/CAKE DAY

Here in the Lawson household, we celebrate Pie Day & Cake Day. It is not celebrated on any particular day-- it's mostly just celebrated for fun whenever one of us wants Pie or Cake. We've celebrated Pie Day & Cake Day for about a year now (since we moved to Kentucky) and have had a lot of fun with it.

Well, we've introduced some of our friends here to Pie Day & Cake Day and they LOVE it. We found out that our friends the Ajas had no pumpkin pie when they went home for Thanksgiving. Our response to them was, "Well, it's a good thing it's almost Pie Day!" So the next Saturday we had pumpkin pie.

I tell you this story mostly so you know some of the things we do to entertain ourselves around here. But also to encourage you to implement Pie Day/Cake Day into your own lives. You won't be sorry.


Blessings to All...

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Debby said...

When I first saw today's blog, I thought, "Oh, no, she's going to talk about Debby's cooking and my blueberry drip!" Needless to say, I'm glad you haven't brought that up. -- Love, Debby