Thursday, December 28, 2006

Taking a Break

Hello, all. Obviously I have not updated in a few days, but plan to do so when I return to Kentucky on Sunday. So look for a new post early next week. In the meantime, I hope you are all enjoying this blessed Christmas season.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Weekend O' Fun!

Hello, all! Happy Sunday. A brief recap of the Lawson weekend:

Thursday I chopped off my hair! Okay, it's not terribly short, but it IS terribly fun! I haven't seen many of you in a long while, so you may not be aware that my hair had grown out quite a bit-- it was very long, and while it was fun, I am afraid that it made me look 16 years old. So... on Thursday I cut about 6 inches off, and my hair is now chin-length. I've been curling it, so it's wild and messy and cute, but today I wore it straight, which I was also pleased with.

Thursday night we, as previously stated, celebrated Cupcake Day, which was a huge success! And wasn't Thursday night's episode of The Office brilliant? I LOVE that show, and I just LOVED seeing Angela sing "Little Drummer Boy".

Friday I went to work for a bit, and then spent the afternoon at a friend's house making homemade Christmas candy. I have a fabulous pink apron, and I jump at any chance to wear it. I learned how to make the most incredible almond toffee I have ever eaten. In fact, if you are someone I get to see at Christmas, I will more than likely be sharing some of it with you! Get ready. It will change your life.

On Friday night, we were supposed to see Over The Rhine in concert-- sadly, Over the Rhine cancelled the show, but rescheduled for February. So..we stayed home and were asleep by 9:30! We're so lame sometimes. :)

Saturday morning we woke up and did Christmas shopping! Yes, the crowds were maddening, but this was the first chance I had really had to do any of my shopping, so I didn't really have a choice. Amazingly enough, we're pretty much finished, with the exception of 1 or 2 small things we still need to get.

Okay, Saturday night: fun. Billy volunteered to host Round 2 of Guys poker night here at the house, so the wives all decided to have a Girls Night Out together. We went to see the movie "The Holiday". It was pretty much your typical, predictable chick flick, but was at times, surprising and fun. Kate Winslett was great, as was Jude Law and Jack Black. Cameron Diaz, on the other hand, was just Cameron Diaz. She's got to be one of the world's worst actresses! Anyway, there were some great moments in the film, but the best part was just being with friends. After the movie, we went to one of the girls' house for dessert and conversation. It was so refreshing to spend time with just girls for once. :)

I got home to discover that the poker game was still going strong-- so I went to bed, and left them to their fun. Billy did NOT win, but from what I understand, a good time was had by all.

Today was church. Children's worship was a lot of fun today. I LOVE my kids!! And they surprised me with a really wonderful Christmas gift today.

One of my favorite things about Sundays is Kids' Club. Kids' Club is a ministry we have in one of the government housing communities in Versailles (the town where our church is). We go to their community center every Sunday afternoon and have 'church'. Basically, it's like mini-Vacation Bible School every week. We have a bible story, craft, and snack every week. It's very fun and I am 100% in love with those kids. Well, today was our Christmas party, so we also invited all of the kids' families. We had pizza, played games, had drawings for prizes, and sent each child home with a Christmas gift. It's always just so much fun to spend time with the whole family-- today was a great day. We had 22 kids and their families show up-- which is phenomenal. On a weekly basis, we average about 15 kids, which is still pretty impressive for this small little neighborhood that is about 3 blocks in size. We were VERY excited to share the Christmas story with so many smiling faces today.

I got home tonight and Billy asked, "How does it feel to not have to do homework tonight?" Well, my friends. It feels GREAT!!!

Alright, I'm off to eat some Oreo Doublestuffs and watch some television. I haven't let my brain do absolutely nothing in a long while, and I must say that for this one evening, it sounds fantastic.

Much love to you all...

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The semester is over!!

Well, after a grueling past few days, the semester is finally over. Oh, how I've longed for this day. I am exhausted!

The semester ended on a very good note. Today I received the grade back on one of my final papers. I got a perfect score! Not only did I get a perfect score, but my professor even asked for an electronic copy of my paper and permission to use my paper as a model for his future classes. I am humbled, and feel that my professor is perhaps being a little too gracious. However, I rejoice in the acceptance of this huge compliment.

We will celebrate the end of the semester tonight with the special one-hour episode of The Office, and you guessed it... Cupcake Day! Cupcake Day is a new addition to our celebratory festivities, and tonight will mark it's inauguration. Cupcake Day will of COURSE be shared with a few more relieved and exhausted seminary friends-- the Beasley-Browns and the Ajas.

Tomorrow night, DATE NIGHT, we will be at The Dame, a downtown club in Lexington, listening to the tunes of one of my favorite bands, Over the Rhine.

I am resigning to my bed for a couple of hours now. I only got 2 hours of sleep last night because of an assignment I had to finish, and that pillow looks awfully inviting...

Be blessed!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Little Debbies & Pie Day

I'm taking a break from studying for my Church History final right now. My brain needs a rest, as I've been cramming for several hours now. Not a super exciting weekend for the Lawsons, but here's the recap:

Friday night date night: dinner and laundry. Billy was recovering from being sick earlier this week and I had pulled an all-nighter earlier in the week to finish an assignment for school. It seems that neither one of us could muster up enough energy to do dinner AND a movie. :) Dinner was nice and we had a very exciting conversation at dinner, which I love!

Saturday I woke up early and starting reading for Church History, while Billy made a ton of phone calls trying to find us a new place to live. WHY are there no fenced in yards in Kentucky?!? Even if we were to buy a house (yeah, right!), very few have yards. Hopefully something will come of the 20 phone calls we made...

We then went to see "The Nativity Story" with some of my kids from church. Good movie, pretty intense. I'd recommend it, but not if you have small children. Let's face it-- the culture in which our heroes Mary & Joseph lived was quite different than our own, and there are some things that young children might not be ready to see. Plus, Elizabeth & Mary both give birth, and well... it's childbirth, and childbirth without meds, so that's pretty intense. If you want more info on the movie, let me know.

After the movie we went to Old Navy to treat ourselves to one new shirt each, for the season. We realized that since we moved here a year ago, neither one of us had purchased new clothes. Clothes shopping is not really a big part of our budget right now, so it was a fun treat to be able to buy something new. And we found great sales, so we actually got to buy two new shirts each. Ah, the adventures of being a struggling seminary student! Isn't life fun? :)

Today was church. It was a good day and I got to hang out with my kids which is always fun and ALWAYS entertaining. They say some of the funniest things. And in children's church, we got to watch a clip from "The Princess Bride". That always makes for a good time.

We came home tonight to find a box of Little Debbie Christmas tree snacks in front of our door. Billy has earned the nickname of "Little Debbie" by some of our friends here. Billy was invited to a "guys poker night "(Don't worry-- poor seminarians don't gamble real money away-- just chips!) by a group of guys a few weeks ago-- a group of guys that we didn't know very well, but Billy was excited to get to know. At any rate, they were all instructed to bring whatever food they wanted, whatever food their wives might not usually encourage them to eat. My Billy showed up with Little Debbie snacks... not just a few-- no, he came with boxes and boxes of Little Debbie snacks. They were a huge hit. Anyway, these guys quickly discovered that Billy Lawson is hilarious and decided he was a lot of fun to hang out with. So now when I show up for class, I'm often greeted with an excited "Hey, Kelly. How's Little Debbie?"

Anyway, Little Debbie snacks mysteriously appeared today for Billy. He was pleased.

One last thing: PIE DAY/CAKE DAY

Here in the Lawson household, we celebrate Pie Day & Cake Day. It is not celebrated on any particular day-- it's mostly just celebrated for fun whenever one of us wants Pie or Cake. We've celebrated Pie Day & Cake Day for about a year now (since we moved to Kentucky) and have had a lot of fun with it.

Well, we've introduced some of our friends here to Pie Day & Cake Day and they LOVE it. We found out that our friends the Ajas had no pumpkin pie when they went home for Thanksgiving. Our response to them was, "Well, it's a good thing it's almost Pie Day!" So the next Saturday we had pumpkin pie.

I tell you this story mostly so you know some of the things we do to entertain ourselves around here. But also to encourage you to implement Pie Day/Cake Day into your own lives. You won't be sorry.


Blessings to All...

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Church History, Snow, & Handel's Messiah

Today has been a glorious day thus far. I am writing you from school, and will soon make my way home to do some reading for my upcoming Church History final. I'm not particularly looking forward to that-- these tests are killer, but I just have to make it to Monday and I am done with this class.

I sat in my 8:00 class this morning and was captivated by the lecture-- I usually am. I love my professor and I love the course material. My professor was mid-sentence when he said, "It's snowing outside!" This was very exciting news, for when snow falls here, it is unbelievably beautiful. My campus is rather traditional, and the sight of the red brick buildings against the white snow is breathtaking.

After class, I went to the library to study and then went on to Chapel. Today was the annual Messiah sing-along. Now, that may seem scary to you-- a bunch of unrehearsed students and choirs singing together selections from Handel's "Messiah". However, it was anything but frightening. It was beautiful, emotional, and magnificent. This is the 21st year of this tradition in our community. The trees and candles were lit in the chapel and the wreaths were hung. Tears streamed down my face as the choirs sang "For Unto Us a Child is Born". What a glorious season of Advent this has been thus far!

Following Chapel was the annual Christmas lunch for the Asbury community. I dined with friends as we heard live Christmas music by a jazz trio. What a fun day it has been so far.

I am rejoicing today in the Christmas season. May we all remember why we celebrate at this time-- the Messiah has come, born as a human baby, in him, redemption for all.


Welcome to Tales from Tooleyville!

Hello, all. I have created this blog to keep our far away friends updated on life for the Lawsons. Don't expect me to say anything particularly profound. This is mostly an online journal, so that should you want to know what happens from week-to-week, day-to-day, you can easily find that information.

I realize I'm not that great at keeping up with everyone-- friends, family, etc. so this is an attempt to keep you informed.

So here we go: Day One

I am in the midsts of finals-- finishing up my second semester at Asbury Seminary ( This has been a particularly trying semester for me and I look forward to its end. I still do love Asbury, and we are incredibly glad we are here-- this semester has just been difficult. I took on way too much in regards to my course load. I have taken classes that I probably should not have taken together, simply because they are all so intense and time-consuming. I am somehow surviving, and will officially be finished next Thursday.

I will have a couple of weeks off, before starting back up in January. In January, I am taking what is called a J-term course-- it is just for the month of January, and crams an entire semester's worth of work into 4 weeks... it works out because instead of going to class 3 hours a week like during the regular semester, I'll go to class 3 hours a day for these 4 weeks. It's a cross-cultural studies class, that should be pretty interesting. I'm excited about it. The spring semester will pick up in early February. In the spring, I will take Church History 2, Philosophy of Christian Religion, and my second Hebrew course. I'm REALLY looking forward to the spring semester.

Billy and I have both been sick the past couple of days. I've had chest congestion and a cough, while Billy has had food poisoning of some sort. He's feeling much better now, and I wish I could say the same for myself. It's just that time of year-- I get sick around this time (the start of winter) every year. The timing just stinks because it sucks the energy right out of me, and I need all of the energy I can get to get through finals.

I am still working at the church as the Children's Pastor. I love my kids. Tonight, I had asked one of my 1st graders, Chance, if he would join the rest of the group in the project we were working on, and he said, "Yes Miss Pastor Kelly. But I really need to hug you first." I mean, really, people. I have the cutest, sweetest, most adorable kids. But I have to admit that chasing around 20 kids on a Wednesday night is good birth control for me. Oh, how I love sending them home to their parents at the end of the evening. :)

Billy is still working for the University of Kentucky. He loves going to work everyday, and I love that he loves it.

Our little dog Riley is still with us, though she has been causing quite a bit of trouble for us lately. She is just not content to be an inside dog, so we are desperately trying to find a place with a fenced-in yard. Here in Kentucky, fenced-in yards are quite rare, so this is a more difficult task than it sounds. You know what all of this means, right? Keep your address books handy-- there may be yet another address for the Lawsons. Maybe someday we'll buy a house and put some roots down somewhere. But not quite yet. In the meantime, use pencil in your address book. :)

Well, I must get to bed-- I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow and my body is desperate for rest.